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Patriot Peer

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Patriot Peer
Connecting the silent majority

We have a dream. We dream of a society where none is afraid of a different opinion. I'm dreaming of a great "coming out" of patriots and dissidents. Patriot Peer can make this dream come true- with your help.

It's an app for patriots who are afraid to "come out", but want to peer up with. It hast to main features :

1. A patriotic Radar :
On a radar and a google Maps integration you see all the others users and get in contact with them. On the app you see all patriotic events and meeting points close to you, to never walk alone. You can turn yourself visible or invisible on the app, anytime you want.

2. Gamification of networking :
Every user has a QR-Code and Scanner. If you peer up, and scan others you earn points and level up. The higher the level, the more points you are "worth" when beeing scanned. When you visit placed like monuments, or patriotic events you also earn points. Beeing active is rewarded and a lot of achievements and easter eggs, will wait for you in this augmented, patriotic reality of PPeer.

This app shall become a tool for the silent majority that is afraid of the "big other". PPeer will visualize the forgotten and invisible masses who keep this society alive and help them to organize and gather.
Its like an catalyst, we ant to put into the current society, to disrupt the "firewall" of a boring and stupid speech cult. We want an open, honest and fearless dialogue. This app could become a game changer.
Let's make it happen - together.

Support the idea - kickstart.patriot-peer.com


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