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La bombe atomique n'existe pas, l'arme nucléaire n'existe pas

, 15:51

La bombe atomique n'existe pas, l'arme nucléaire n'existe pas
2ème édition

Le site de Evrard - Youtube

La bombe atomique n'existe pas !
Personne n'est allé sur la Lune
Le mensonge de la station spatiale
Le mensonge du Big Bang

The Atlantean Conspiracy - Eric Dubay
Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist !

Nuclear hoax nukes do not exist !


The University of Natural Healing - Sam Biser's save your life collection

, 07:00

The University of Natural Healing - Sam Biser's save your life collection
A Layman's course in curing last-stage diseases

A collection of rare videos on advanced natural healing techniques for supposedly incurable health conditions.

Prepare to be healed-because I believe that's what can happen. I've never seen anything like this. I've never seen specific information on curing terminal diseases. I've heard theory. I've heard about prevention. But I've never known how to get natural cures for these conditions. But now I do, and you will too.
The answers are here. The answers in this SAVE YOUR LIFE Herbal Video Collection and User Manual come from two great healers : the late Dr. John R. Christopher and his leading student, Dr. Richard Schulze.

Tape 01 : Introduction : There are no incurable diseases. Everybody can be well if they want it bad enough.
Tape 02 : The basic programs for curing people who are not supposed to live.
Tape 03 : Breast cancer : Thousands of women have healed themselves with the programs on this video.
Tape 04 : Prostate cancer : How to cure even massive tumors that have spread throughout the body.
Tape 05 : Fast-growing cancers that kill in months. How to cure them.
Tape 06 : Finally revealed : Why most herbal products you buy belong in the trash, not in your mouth.
Tape 07 : Infusions, fomentations, poultices, and ointments… How to make them strong enough to dissolve tumors.
Tape 08 : Making tinctures : What you need to know to cure loved ones that doctors have sent on the die.
Tape 09 : Bodywork : How to blow away blockages that keep herbs from getting to sick organs.
Tape 10 : Water treatments : Just as powerful as herbs. Skip them and you may die.
Tape 11 : Serious mistakes that can stop your recovery.
Tape 12 : Top questions from viewers on curing cancer at home.

Herbalism - PDF
Médecine - PDF


Telesio Interlandi - La difesa della Razza

, 07:07


Telesio Interlandi - La difesa della Razza
Scienza documentazione polemica

Razzismo Italiano
Il partito e il razzismo italiano
Criminalita ebraica
Razza e percentuale
Evoluzione della nozione di razza

Fascismo - PDF


Daniele Manta - Nos amies les plantes

, 12:21


Daniele_Manta_Nos_amies_les_plantes.jpgDaniele Manta - Nos amies les plantes
Tome 1 - Tome 2 - Tome 3

Ouvrage en trois volumes dont le premier est consacré à la phytothérapie, le second à la cuisine avec les plantes et les vertus des herbes, le troisième est une encyclopédie des plantes.

Herbalism - PDF

Cook Michelle Schoffro - Be your own herbalist
Recettes de naturopathes, la santé dans votre assiette !
De Bingen Hildegarde - Hildegard's healing plants
Maurice Mességué - C'est la nature qui a raison
Olavi Airola Paavo - Health secrets of Europe
Lucien Daniel - Les plantes médicinales de Bretagne
Jean-Marie Pelt - Les nouveaux remèdes naturels
Pascale Millier - Les fleurs de Bach
Danièle Festy - Se soigner avec les huiles essentielles pendant la grossesse
Pierre Franchomme - Roger Jollois - Daniel Pénoël - L'aromathérapie exactement
David Frawley - La santé par l'Ayurvéda
David Frawley - La divinité des plantes

Viktor Schauberger - Comprendre et copier la nature

, 07:07


Viktor Schauberger - Comprendre et copier la nature

Le forestier autrichien Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) est aujourd’hui considéré comme l’un des pionniers de la recherche moderne sur l’eau et de l’observation holistique de la nature. Déjà pendant la première moitié du 20ème siècle, il a mis en garde contre les conséquences de l’exploitation sans restriction de l’environnement. En alternative, il a enseigné comment repenser nos attitudes envers la nature et le développement de méthodes de production d’énergie complètement nouvelles qui sont en harmonie avec la nature. Il a formulé le principe « C & C »: Comprendre et copier la nature !

Les applications de ses idées et de ses inventions comprennent des dispositifs pour le raffinement qualitatif de l’eau, les conduites d’eau en spirale qui réduisent le frottement, la régulation de la rivière en fonction du débit d’eau naturel et la génération d’énergie à partir de l’air et de l’eau en utilisant les principes de mouvement de la nature basés sur l’aspiration et le mouvement en spirale vers l’intérieur – le principe d’implosion.

Viktor Schauberger - Die natur kapieren und kopieren
Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and copy nature


Les Maitres de l'Eau - Viktor Schauberger
Viktor Schauberger - The Energy Evolution
Alick Bartholomew - Le génie de Viktor Schauberger
Eau - PDF

Thomas Winship - Zetetic cosmogony

, 07:07


Thomas Winship - Zetetic cosmogony
Or conclusive evidence that the world is not a rotating-revolving-globe, but a stationary plane circle.

Preface to the seconde edition
Since the first edition of this work - an unpretentious pamphlet of 48 pages - was published, so much interest in the subject has been manifested, that a second edition is without doubt called for. In fact, long after the first edition was exhausted, letters from various parts of the world, were received, asking for copies, which, to our regret, could not be supplied.

In that pamphlet very much of the evidence we had accumulated from various sources had to be omitted, so as to reduce what otherwise would have been a bulky volume to a short treatise; retaining sufficient evidence to convince the minds of those who would take cognizance of and duly estimate proved facts of nature. Our labours have not been in vain. Many have been enabled to see through the delusions of modern astronomy. Letters from various parts testify that, in some cases, men and women have begun to make use of their brain-power, which had been stunted and dwarfed by acceptation, without the slightest proof, of the unscientific, unreasonable, unnatural, and infidel teachings of men foisted upon a credulous public in the name of "Science." Others again, tell that the writers have thrown to the moles and to the bats the world-wide and almost universally believed hoax that we are living on a whirling sea-earth globe, revolving faster than a cannon-ball travels, rushing through "space" at a rate beyond human power to conceive, and flying - with the whole of the so-called solar-system-in another direction twenty times the speed of its rotation.

To the Editors of newspapers, who, whether favourably or unfavourably, reviewed the pamphlet, our thanks are due, and now respectfully tendered.

This edition is sent forth with the assurance of the Divine blessing and the firm conviction that TRUTH IS STRONG AND MUST PREVAIL.


12, Castle Buildings, Durban, Natal, South Africa, November, 1899


Age of the Earth
Disappearance of Ships
Figure of the Earth
Growth of the Earth
The Horizon
Level on the term
The Midnight sun
Motions of the Earth
The moon
Eclipses of the moon
The Pendulum
The plurality of Worlds
The Planets
On Parallel lines
The sun
Sun's distance
Sun's diameter
The stars
Star distance
The Season's
The tides
The ultimate conclusion

Flat Earth - PDF

How to awaken people to Flat Earth - Eric Dubay
In this video Eric Dubay from the International Flat Earth Research Society and Luke from Flat Earth Consequences give their advice on how to effectively present other people the concept of Flat Earth without having them instantly cover their ears and stick their tongues out at you. Special thanks to Beyond the Imaginary Curve, Question Everything, Flat Earth Consequences and Revoldo for their videos and activism.

ODD TV - Flat Earth - Viceland - Space spliff
This is my response to Viceland's "Watch This Spliff Fly Into Space", where they seem to think that they proved the earth is round using a fisheye lens.

ODD TV - Flat Earth - An open letter to Cody's Lab

Robert Morse - The detox miracle sourcebook

, 17:54


Robert Morse - The detox miracle sourcebook
Raw foods and herbs for complete cellular regeneration
Revitalize every system of your body, maximize the healing power of nature, cleanse toxins, heal the causes of disease

Detox Miracle Sourcebook The only book that is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to how to totally and completely detoxify the body and effect real healing, and why that is important. Touches on the spiritual dimensions of true health.

Herbalism - PDF
Nutrition - PDF

“You don’t have to accept the ‘death sentence’ offered by other medical systems,” Dr. Morse has told thousands of patients over the years. Since 1972, he has directed a health clinic in Florida, successfully helping people cure themselves of cancer, diabetes, M.S., Crohn’s disease, along with both brain and nerve damage. His “miracle” approach is fully detailed in this comprehensive book.
The cause of illness is poison (acidosis), i.e., toxins from our food, water and air. No genuine healing can proceed in such a toxified environment. Morse’s system is to treat the cause of illness, not the symptoms ! The Detox Miracle Sourcebook shows you how to use raw foods and herbs as of the primary means of detoxification, healing, and ultimate regeneration of weak or diseased cells. This book is called a “sourcebook” because of the vast reference material it contains. The author presents a complete overview of every bodily system and every organ. He details the causes of “breakdown” in each system and recommends natural means – raw foods and herbs -- for cleansing, and then strengthening of each part. Comprehensive charts and tables specify the sources for and uses of vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, cell salts, herbs, fruits and vegetables, essential oils, phytochemicals.
His chapters on what to expect as you detoxify are especially valuable. Morse describes the natural “side effects” (from the mild to the extreme) of releasing toxins from the body. He explains in commonsense terms how to encourage this “healing crisis” while at the same time maintaining overall balance in the body. He also offers dramatic accounts of how his own patients have healed themselves of chronic and acute conditions by using these methods.
Two detox “miracle” diets are offered as the core of his natural cleansing system. He offers suggestions for the use of fresh juices, recipes for raw foods and a selection of cooked dishes that will gently ease even the timid into the process.
Other outstanding features include: lists of the toxic chemicals commonly found in foods, air, water; a massive glossary of medical and nutritional terms; a Resource Guide for where and how to acquire healthy foods, oils, bodycare products, educational materials, etc.; an extensive Bibliography.

Robert Klark Graham - The future of Man - Audiobook

, 12:03


The Future of Man by Robert Klark Graham
1970 first edition, 1980 second edition
Read by Alex Linder

AUDIO BOOK - PDF - Archive.org

Robert Klark Graham (June 9, 1906 – February 13, 1997) was an American eugenicist and businessman who made millions by developing shatterproof plastic eyeglass lenses, and who later founded the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank for geniuses, in the hope of implementing a eugenics program.

Graham created his "Nobel sperm bank" in 1980. Initially, his intent was to obtain sperm only from Nobel laureates, but the scarcity of donors and the low viability of their sperm (because of age) forced Graham to develop a looser set of criteria.

These criteria were numerous and exacting : for example, sperm recipients were required to be married, and to have extremely high IQs, though the bank later softened this policy so it could recruit athletes for donors as well as scholars.

By 1983, Graham's sperm bank was reputed to have 19 repeat genius donors, including William Bradford Shockley (1956 Nobel Prize in Physics and proponent of eugenics) and two anonymous Nobel Prize winners in science.

The bank closed in 1999, two years after the death of its creator. 218 children had been born under its auspices.

Graham's overriding goal was the genetic betterment of human population as well as solid nurture of newly conceived geniuses. This was a form of "positive" eugenics, meant to increase the number of designated "fit" individuals in a population through selective breeding. However, Graham's "genius sperm bank" was highly controversial.

Eugenics - PDF

Saint Claude 88 - Le transhumanisme

, 16:43

Saint Claude 88 - Le transhumanisme

Conan le barbare - Radio Melon - Daniel Conversano
Vive l'Europe - Daniel Conversano



Konstantin Meyl - Der Skalarwellenkrieg

, 08:30


Konstantin Meyl - Der Skalarwellenkrieg
Sachbuch mit autobiographischem Bezug

Der Skalarwellenkrieg flammt immer wieder auf, bestimmt unsere Politik und verschwindet wieder in der Versenkung. Die Massenmedien schweigen und wir bekommen nichts davon mit, dass ein Angriff stattgefunden hat. Nur die Politik reagiert. Es ist ein „kalter“ Krieg, deren Waffen geheim gehalten werden.

Die Skalarwelle wird durch die Wellengleichung nach Laplace mathematisch beschrieben, jedoch nicht durch die Maxwellschen Gleichungen in ihrer Existenz bestätigt. Der Autor, bekannt durch seine Skalarwellenforschung, konnte diese durch eine gezielte Erweiterung der Feldgleichungen herleiten, indem die dritte Maxwell-Gleichung von null verschieden ist. Wer aber glaubt, das wissenschaftlich abhandeln zu können, der irrt, der wird verhöhnt und bekämpft. Der Autor weiß, wovon er berichtet, denn er hat es selber erfahren.

Die Skalarwellen werden von ihrer Entdeckung durch Nikola Tesla, über das Tunguska-Experiment und die Glocke der Nazis (Titelbild) bis in die Gegenwart verfolgt. Die Kornkreise, die zur Eichung dienen, wie auch der Einsatz als Skalarwellenwaffe zwischen Ost und West, runden das Bild des Skalarwellenkrieges ab.

Konstantin Meyl - Wirbelströme
Dreidimensionale nichtlineare Berechnung von Wirbelströmen unter Berücksichtigung der entstehenden Oberwellen am Beispiel einer Wirbelstromkupplung

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