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Sterling W. Sill - The laws of success

, 07:07


Sterling W. Sill - The laws of success

01 The Law
02 The Lawgiver
03 The Law of Abundance
04 The Law of Advantage
05 The Law of Appreciation
06 The Law of Arrested Development
07 The Law of the Boomerang
08 The Law of Chance
09 The Law of Compensation
10 The Law of Concentration
11 The Law of Conditioned Responses
12 The Law of Consequences
13 The Law of Courage
14 The Law of Ego Recognition
15 The Law of Elegance
16 The Law of Evidence
17 The Law of Exaggeration
18 The Law of Example
19 The Law of Experience
20 The Law of Fear
21 The Law of Financial Respectability
22 The Law of Free Agency
23 The Law of Fusion
24 The Law of Glad Tidings
25 The Law of Gravity-Up
26 The Law of Growth
27 The Law of Health
28 The Law of the Hurdle
29 The Law of Hypochondria
30 The Law of Idleness
31 The Law of Instincts
32 The Law of Love
33 The Law of Loyalty
34 The Law of Maturity
35 The Law of Modification
36 The Law of Objectives
37 The Law of Positive Statement
38 The Law of Probability
39 The Law of Reason
40 The Law of Self-Control
41 The Law of Self-Deception
42 The Law of Self-Pity
43 The Law of Self-Supervision
44 The Law of the Split Personality
45 The Law of Symbols
46 The Laws of Teaching
47 The Law of Trifles
48 The Law of Vision
49 The Law of the Will
50 The Law of Words

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Some time ago, I heard the report of a discussion that had taken place between a university teacher of political science and a businessman with a strong religious avocation. The political science teacher said that politics and government should be the most important influence in our lives. The businessman, who had also had some political experience, said that his first allegiance was to the church. Then there was some discussion about priorities of these two great areas in our lives and where one's primary allegiance ought to be placed.

The political science teacll.er pointed out that good, solid government is the real basis for success in every field, including religion, for no activity prospers in the face of misrule, disorder, or anarchy. He noted that freedom of religion and real worship cannot exist at their best without righteous government, and even one's own personal devotions, his personal security, and his peace of mind can't proceed very far until he gets his basic politics straightened out. We know of many situations in which political persecution has destroyed the functions of religion, or a political leader has said to those seeking redress of grievances, "Your cause is just but I can do nothing for you."

There are also many forms of government that try to bind the consciences of men, and religion does not prosper under an evil dictatorship that attempts to make slaves out of its subjects and to dictate to them in matters of the mind and spirit. Certainly government and those who are responsible for government have a very important place in the life of every individual.

It is the duty of government to protect life and property, maintain order, guarantee fairness, and see that sedition, rebellion, or other evils do not interfere with freedom of religion and the natural God-given rights of each human being. Government even reaches into our family lives to regulate marriage and divorce, child welfare and neglect.

On the other hand, the businessman reasoned that his religious beliefs should take preference over his loyalty to the government. He argued that unless a person is imbued with the fundamental principles of religion and righteousness, no government can long prosper; many great civilizations have failed and disappeared from the earth because they have taken God and the church out of their lives and out of their government.

It seems to me that each one of us should have some strong arguments for ourselves on all sides of this proposition. It may be that each one is important. Even apart from the church, religion should permeate everything that we do in government, in business, in human relations, and particularly in our families. Governments should also foster the influences of real godliness. The value of both the church and the state can be judged by the kinds of laws they promote for the benefit of the people. Certainly the laws of the land should be compatible with the laws of God, and our United States Constitution provides that the government shall make no law that interferes with the freedom of religion. On the other hand, the freedom of religion must not interfere with nor infringe upon the rights of others.

The church is a divine institution organized by God himself for the benefit of man. It is responsible for teaching the great principles of truth upon which our eternal salvation depends. God himself has given many laws and commandments to regulate our lives. A great scripture says that governments were established by God for the benefit of man and that he will hold us responsible for our acts in relationship thereto. That is, the government is a divine institution, though it has a little different set of responsibilities from those of the church. The family is also a divine institution. And each of these great establishments has over the centuries been the focal point for the attack of evil.

Jesus himself was crucified, and each of the twelve apostles, with one exception, had a violent death imposed upon him. Isaiah described some of the problems of disobedience, persecution, and apostasy when he said, " ... they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant." (Isaiah 24:5.) There are other forces continually at work against law and order, and many kinds of governments, including democratic, dictatorship, socialistic, and communistic. Over the centuries, many governments have risen and fallen because of their violation of the laws of God.

In our times, there are many attempts from both the outside and the inside to destroy the government, tear down the establishment, discredit our finest social traditions, and cause the deterioration of the family. We have a great need to separate the church and the state. The church has the difficult job of teaching truth and righteousness, building character, and preparing the souls of people not only for their place in the government and society of this life, but also for that life which lies beyond our mortal boundaries. The government has the responsibility for making and enforcing laws for the protection and benefit of all the people, religious or nonreligious. Both share one function: to make us successful and happy for both here and hereafter. The job of each, most simply stated, is to help us to honor, love, and obey the law-the laws of the land and the laws of the Lord.

The Lord said, "I will put my law into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them." (Hebrews 10:16.) It seems to me that this puts the Lord into the role of being our greatest political officer, as well as the head of the church. We are told that during the millennium he will establish a perfect theocracy upon this earth, with himself as the head of the government as well as the head of the church. The church and the state will then be combined, and he will rule forever, not only as Lord of lords, but also as King of kings.

The function of making and enforcing the law is given to senates, legislatures, parliaments, dictators, and individual citizens. A father recently reported that during their family home evening he was telling his family how very important it is in their lives for them to keep all of the commandments. One of his daughters said, "Daddy, how many commandments are there?" And so for the next family home evening, they took up the project of trying to enumerate the commandments. They included the Ten Commandments, the law of tithing, and the Word of Wisdom. They also included the important laws given by the Savior when a lawyer asked him, "Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." (Matthew 22:35-40.)

The primary function of every individual is to discover and obey all the laws. The doctor, to be effective, must learn the laws of medicine. The successful agriculturalist must learn the laws of farming. He should know that if he plants his seed in a good seedbed and practices the laws having to do with fertilization, cultivation, and irrigation, and also has some knowledge of weed and insect control, he may hope to be a successful farmer. To effectively counsel his many clients, a lawyer may need thousands of law books; he must make himself familiar with all of the laws affecting his clients' welfare.

There are many laws that have not been written down or even discovered, and yet we must be subject to them. An old adage says, "Ignorance of the law excuses no one." If we do not know that the highway speed limit is fifty-five miles an hour and in our ignorance we travel eighty-five miles an hour, we must be ready to pay the penalty. If one has never learned that strychnine can kill, he places himself in great danger.

The apostle Paul said to the Romans, "For as many as have sinned without the law shall also perish without the law... " (Romans 2:12.) Our success depends upon how effective we are as discoverers and followers of all of the laws that will influence our success or failure. Benjamin Franklin discovered some of the laws of electricity. Newton discovered the law of gravity. Galileo discovered the law offalling bodies. Einstein discovered the law of relativity. Kepler discovered the law of planetary motion. There are laws of heredity, laws of learning, laws of business success, laws of motion, laws of holiness. Every great principle of truth, righteousness, and success is underwritten by fundamental, immutable laws.

The great multiplicity of the laws that govern our lives may at first seem overwhelming. However, we are not left entirely without assistance in understanding those laws that we must obey. Again, the Lord has said, "I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them." (Hebrews 10:16.) One of the most fantastic of all of God's creations is a conscience that has not been abused or distorted. After our first parents had eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God said of them, "Behold, the man is now become as one of us, to know good and evil. ... " (Genesis 3:22.) That ability has been transmitted to all of the posterity of our first parents on a kind of instinctive basis, and it is still true that the right kind of discrimination between right and wrong will help make men and women become as God. However, we need to think about it and to make decisions about issues and take action on our decisions. One of the greatest benefits of our lives is to be masters or doctors of the law. We ought to have an understanding of those fundamental principles and truths that can give our lives great significance and joy.

It was with this in mind that this book has been titled The Laws of Success. If you will read the chapters carefully and take note of the many places where the principles discussed may be advantageously applied, your prosperity will be increased in many areas of your life. In addition, you will also be aware of other necessary laws so that you can write your own book describing for your own personal benefit some of the powerful laws that you may not presently be using. Everyone who is working toward that ultimate goal of eternal accomplishment ought to have the thrill of discovering for himself more of life's universal laws of success.


Giovanni Boccaccio - The Decameron

, 18:33


Giovanni Boccaccio - The Decameron

The Decameron, subtitled Prince Galehaut, is a collection of novellas by the 14th-century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375).
The book is structured as a frame story containing 100 tales told by a group of seven young women and three young men sheltering in a secluded villa just outside Florence to escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city.
Boccaccio probably conceived the Decameron after the epidemic of 1348, and completed it by 1353. The various tales of love in The Decameron range from the erotic to the tragic. Tales of wit, practical jokes, and life lessons contribute to the mosaic. In addition to its literary value and widespread influence (for example on Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales), it provides a document of life at the time. Written in the vernacular of the Florentine language, it is considered a masterpiece of classical early Italian prose.

Novel - PDF
Italy - PDF


Carl Jung on Identity, collective unconscious, and Racial Soul

, 08:08

Carl Jung on Identity, collective unconscious, and Racial Soul

Carl Gustav Jung (July 26, 1875 – June 6, 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology. His grandfather, also known as Karl Gustav Jung (1794-1864) was the second Grand Master of the Grande Loge Suisse Alpina from 1850 to 1856, then alligned with Grand Orient freemasonry. His work was largely overshadowed by the quackery of Sigmund Freud.

Jung's approach to psychology has been influential in the field of depth psychology and in countercultural movements across the planet. He emphasized understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of dreams, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy. Although he was a theoretical psychologist and practicing clinician, much of his life's work was spent exploring other areas, including Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, sociology, as well as literature and the arts. His most notable ideas include the concept of psychological archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity.

Jung emphasized the importance of balance and harmony. He cautioned that modern people rely too heavily on science and logic and would benefit from integrating spirituality and appreciation of unconscious realms. His work in spirituality helped to inspire Alcoholics Anonymous as he found spirituality helps people quit addiction.

Freemasonry - PDF
Omniphi Media


Jared Taylor - Race differences in intelligence

, 10:01

Jared Taylor - Race differences in intelligence

This video is about racial differences in IQ as the reason there are economic disparities between African people and people of European descent.

This is considered one of the first videos that inspired the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile and Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) to begin pressuring monopolistic Internet companies, like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, PayPal, and other gargantuan companies, to suppress politically incorrect people and censor ideas which contradict the Jewish supremacist vision for Western Civilization, which is egalitarianism, equality, multiculturalism, and multiracial diversity for the Goyim (aka Gentiles / non-Jews), but the opposite for Jews ("us versus them") which is ethnocentrism, racism, bigotry, and apartheid in Israel. In other words, it's one set of ideas promoted for the Gentiles, another set of ideas promoted for Jews, by the very same people. The goal of Jewry is to forever promote "us versus them" mentality in Jews as the ultimate good, and in Gentiles to promote "us versus them" as the epitome of evil. Another major goal of the Jews is to prevent people of European descent from organizing on their own behalf.

Jared Taylor - PDF
American Renaissance


Charles Lindbergh's warning

, 13:26

Charles Lindbergh's warning

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) (aka Lucky Lindy; The Lone Eagle) was an American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and peace activist who, on May 20–21, 1927, became famous as the pilot of the first nonstop Transatlantic flight from New York (Roosevelt Field) to Paris (Le Bourget Field) made in the single seat, single engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis.

After his flight to Paris, Lindbergh used his fame over the late 1920s and early 1930s to relentlessly help promote the rapid development of U.S. commercial aviation. While in the later 1930s and up until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Lindbergh was an outspoken advocate of keeping the U.S. out of the world conflict (as was his Congressman father during World War I) and became a leader of the anti-war America First movement, he nonetheless supported the War effort after Pearl Harbor and flew many combat missions in the Pacific Theater as a civilian consultant even though President Roosevelt had refused to reinstate his Army Air Force commission as a Colonel that he had resigned earlier in 1941. In his later years Lindbergh became a prolific prize-winning author, international explorer, inventor, and active environmentalist.

Lindbergh was awarded the nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, in 1927 for his flight to Paris.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh - PDF

Charles A. Lindbergh - Lindbergh on the Federal Reserve
Why is your country at war and what happens to you after the war

Adolf Hitler - Hitler's prophecy

, 08:08

Adolf Hitler - Hitler's prophecy
Make Europa great again

Adolf Hitler - Hitlers Prophezeiung
Adolf Hitler - A Profecia de Hitler
Adolf Hitler - La profezia di Hitler
Adolf Hitler - La prophétie d'Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Proroctwo Hitlera
Adolf Hitler - Hitlers Profetia
Adolf Hitler - Hitleri Ettekuulutus
Adolf Hitler - Пророчество Гитлера
Adolf Hitler - προφητεία του Χίτλερ
Adolf Hitler - Пророчеството на Хитлер
Adolf Hitler - Hitler's profetie
Adolf Hitler - Hitler próféciája

Alerta Judiada Int. 2

Adolf Hitler - Videos
Adolf Hitler - PDF

Ernst Zündel died on Saturday August 5

, 20:26

Ernst Zündel died on Saturday August 5
Carolyn Yeager

It is my quiet duty to notify you that my husband, Ernst Zundel, passed away yesterday at the home in the Black Forest in Germany where he was born. Details are still sketchy, but I know that his sister, Sigrid, was with him when it happened. She found him unconscious and called the ambulance. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Apparently it was a heart attack. That is really all I know at this time. Please put this notice on your website. There will be an official press release in a few days. What can I say ? Perhaps just this: "... that there has passed a radiance from this earth ..."
Ingrid Zündel

Ernst Zündel - Videos
Ernst Zündel - Another Voice of Freedom
Ernst Zündel - PDF
Ingrid Rimland - Lebensraum !

I was just alerted by Don Advo at Stormfront that Forum member "IchBinSchwabisch" posted today at 9:40 a.m.
It is with GREAT, GREAT sorrow., that I bring the VERY tragic news., of the TRULY heroic German "Hollow-Caust" investigator, Ernst Zundel (with 2 major court-trials in Canada, back in 1985 & 88)., as I just got off the phone with his sister in Germany, that he is in fact., and had VERY unfortunately., just past-away yesterday, Saturday, August 5th...
May God bless his soul for his life-long struggles in the defense of his people / folk, AND my God protect his loving wife, Ingrid...
Unfortunately., as of this moment / day., I have NO details as to the cause of his passing., but will do my best to find-out (without over-stepping my bounds with his family) as to what transpired to bring about such a GREAT loss to the / our cause.
Ernst was born in 1939 in Wildbad, Germany. Since March 1, 2010, when he was released from prison in Germany after his long, long persecution for telling the truth, he has been living (under certain restrictions) back in his Black Forest homeland in Baden-Wurttemberg, prevented from entering the USA.


Jayme Liardi - Let it burn

, 15:48

Jayme Liardi - Let it burn
Jayme Liardi - Hero Generation

The Virtuous Mission
To awaken and enliven the warrior spirit
Videos and Writings


The Native European way

Hero Generation

Tomorrow is ours ! We are the future

Daniel Conversano - Alain Soral au pays des merveilles : la Corée du Nord !

, 12:50

Daniel Conversano - Alain Soral au pays des merveilles : la Corée du Nord !

Merci à Joffrey Marrot pour son aide précieuse.

02:00 : Partie 1, Soral, l'homosexuel
07:27 : Partie 2, Il raconte N'IMPORTE QUOI sur la Corée du Nord
18:14 : Partie 3, Panorama de tout ce qu'il est interdit de faire en Corée du Nord (avec preuves)
26:00 : Partie 4, Soral ment quant il dit qu'il a été reçu comme un invité privilégié. Il a vu la Corée en TOURISTE.


Stéphanie Blète - Soral, le périple d’un pervers narcissique dont la vie n’est qu’un gigantesque canular !

Soral, faux homme du peuple, fils d’un notaire véreux mis en prison pour ses nombreux méfaits,
Soral, de son vrai nom Bonnet, pseudonyme emprunté à sa sœur Agnès qui l’a pistonné alors qu’il galérait à Paris avant qu’il ne se retourne contre elle et l’agonise d’injures, jaloux de son succès cinématographique,
Soral, prétendu patriote à la nationalité franco-suisse, qui, tandis qu’il était jetsetter, s’est fait passer pour fou afin de ne pas accomplir ses obligations militaires (comme son compère Dieudonné qu’on n’a jamais vu faire un footing dans une caserne),
Soral, philosophe sans bac, artiste sans œuvre, passé par les Beaux-Arts sans décrocher de diplôme, sociologue sans études de sociologie, instructeur de boxe sans palmarès ni licence,
Soral, incapable de travailler, ayant vécu les premières années de sa vie à Paris au domicile et au crochet d’un écrivain juif homosexuel dont les parents étaient pleins aux as, avant de devenir antisémite et homophobe quand les deux amis se sont séparés,
Soral, artificiel dragueur de minettes ayant passé sa jeunesse dans les boîtes homos de la capitale (pilier du club gay Le Palace de Fabrice Emaer) où il était connu comme pique-assiette et gigolo occasionnel,
Soral, ancien chroniqueur télé de seconde zone chez Patrick Devret, d’où il s’est fait jeter pour incompétence,
Soral, reporter de guerre au magazine pour minettes « 20 ans » (pseudo : Robert Gros), pigiste à la petite semaine pour « Entrevue » à la rubrique « Rumeurs »,
Soral, cinéaste d’un seul film raté et déprogrammé au bout d’une semaine, inspiré des méthodes de drague d’un de ses amis pigistes,
Soral, auto-proclamé spécialiste de la mode masculine sur laquelle il prétend avoir rédigé un best-seller, en réalité co-écrit par trois auteurs (ce n’est pas lui qui passera à l’émission Apostrophes mais le principal auteur du livre, Hector Obalck),
Soral, auteur de pamphlets décousus aux phrases inspirées de l’esprit des Guignols de l’info et de livres à prétention idéologique, bourrés d’erreurs, dont tous les concepts sont repris chez Marx, Lénine, Freud et Clouscard (droite des valeurs !) et dont il a trouvé les informations principales dans des vidéos glanées sur le Net sans prendre soin d’en vérifier le contenu (gauche du travail !),
Soral, incapable d’articuler une pensée cohérente, passant sans vergogne de l’extrême gauche à la droite radicale et des musulmans aux catholiques pour ratisser large et accumuler un joli pécule,
Soral, spécialiste de Julius Evola et René Guénon qu’il n’a jamais lus,
Soral, don Juan piteux inapte à la discussion correcte avec une fille sans la harceler (et condamné par la justice pour ce fait),
Soral, bad boy en carton-pâte ayant tenté, juste avant de se présenter sur la liste anti-sioniste, d’entrer en franc-maçonnerie,
Soral, mythomane prétendant avoir été en mesure de répondre aux poings d’Olivier Mukuna alors qu’il a pleuré comme un lâche devant témoins lorsque celui-ci lui a proposé un combat à la loyale,
Soral, pétochard réputé dans tout Paris pour avoir fui lors des combats de rues de E&R à ses débuts, et qui, après avoir pris des cours de boxe au Temple du Noble Art de Paris, pour assurer son leadership déclinant, frappe un jeune freluquet lors d’un traquenard arrangé par Dieudonné, avec quatre gardes du corps pour le protéger et empêcher son adversaire de répliquer,
Soral, « l’ami loyal » de Dieudonné, qui demande à son ex-bras droit de coucher avec la femme du comique pour obtenir des informations indiscrètes sur le TMO et les affaires de son allié,
Soral, co-fondateur de E&R dont la seule et unique motivation politique repose sur le deal passé avec le franc-maçon Philippe Péninque, intime de l’escroc Jérôme Cahuzac, et qui consiste à appeler les musulmans à voter pour le FN,
Soral, fin stratège « qui a toujours raison » mais dont la présence-éclair au FN a été la cause du score le plus pitoyable du parti au cours des 20 dernières années,
Soral, analyste politique « visionnaire » qui prophétisait DSK contre Marine Le Pen au second tour de la présidentielle de 2012 et Alain Juppé comme candidat du système en 2017,
Soral, soutien sans réserve de « l’anti-système » Trump, super-sioniste et ami de Netanyahu,
Soral, qui promet de ne pas créer de parti politique pour ne pas mettre la vie de ses membres en danger et en crée un quelques mois plus tard (RecNat), avec Dieudonné, dans l’espoir de lever de nouveaux fonds,
Soral, manipulateur qui fait croire qu’il croule sous les procès pour cause de résistance idéologique alors qu’il les provoque sciemment par des insultes à répétition, ce qui lui permet de récolter des dons lui permettant de s’acheter ses costumes chez les tailleurs anglais, une moto à 70 000 euros et des Rolex,
Soral, prolétaire des beaux quartiers, résidant dans un duplex situé à Saint-Germain-des-Prés,
Soral, faux dur faisant endosser à ses proches la plupart de ses ignominies, ce qui lui permet de les tenir en laisse pour qu’ils taisent les turpitudes de l’association qu’il dirige,
Soral, antiraciste feint qui insulte les Noirs, défenseur fourbe des musulmans, qui vomit l’arabité, antisémite proche de Gilles-William Goldnadel, chrétien qui fait avorter sa petite amie catholique militante, chevalier Bayard qui dort le jour et vit la nuit sur Skype et ne se déplace jamais sans gardes du corps.
Soral, qui récrit la notice qu’Emmanuel Ratier lui a consacrée dans « Faits & Documents » pour se forger une réputation d’intellectuel en guerre contre l’establishment, alors que son histoire est celle de la dérive d’un noctambule narcissique éjecté du milieu de parasites qu’il fréquentait et décidé de gagner sa vie en exploitant le talent d’autrui sans jamais avoir à travailler lui-même.


National Vanguard

, 15:41


National Vanguard
Toward a new consciousness - A new Order - A new People

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