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Roosh V - 7 things I require in the future mother of my child

, 07:07


Roosh V - 7 things I require in the future mother of my child

It’s common in these parts to make fun of women for having a delusional shopping list when seeking out a mate, but is it possible that our lists for finding women are also unreasonable? I asked myself this question while constructing a list of requirements I need in a woman who I think would be suitable for reproduction (and not necessarily state-sanctioned marriage). I ask you, dear reader, if my list is as deranged as that of a woman’s.

The following is what I require in a woman for a long-term relationship that involves having children :

1. She must be between 18-25 years old

In the case I want to have more than two kids, I need to find a woman who is substantially younger than myself so she is biologically able to keep popping them out. This requirement also accounts for the fact that single women over 25 are emotionally damaged in some way, are alpha widowed, or are professional daters who are incapable of making the proper relationship sacrifices.

2. She must have less than three prior sexual partners, though I prefer a virgin

Studies show that the more sexual partners a woman has before marriage, the more likely that marriage will fail. I also don’t want to marry a woman who has voluntarily accepted being used as a cum dumpster by other men, or who kisses my child with lips that have been previously wrapped around many other cocks. My child will not have a “reformed” slut mother.

For a woman who has had sexual partners before me, I must be the absolute best man she has ever been with in terms of appearance, personality, and resources. Otherwise, once the honeymoon is over and the relationship hits an inevitable low point, she will get a “Could I have done better?” itch and sabotage the relationship or test me to the point where I have to play “dread game” just to keep her in the kitchen. There must be no doubt within her mind that I am the best that she could possibly get.

3. Her physical attractiveness should hover around the 7 range

Thanks to technology and modern cosmopolitan society, a woman who is an 8 or above in beauty has been exposed to more toxic situations and experiences where she’s achieved some level of e-fame, been validated incessantly for her appearance, and been offered money, consumer products, and trips for her vagina (and likely accepted those offers). She has also fully utilitized her beauty to get her way in life, including prime seating for manipulating men for personal gain. Not only is such a woman harder to manage, but her entitlement is far higher. For a life partner I will purposefully aim lower than what I could get for casual sex.

4. Her skin tone should be within two shades of myself

I would like to have kids that look like me, so I will not reproduce with a woman who is black, Asian, or Indian. Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern). The average Croatian or Romanian girl is more similar to my appearance than Spanish or Italian.

5. She must be feminine

She must be a woman who takes great pride in her appearance and the feminine abilities that nature bestowed upon her. I don’t want her to be a mindless weakling who needs me all the time, but she should look and act like a woman and not try to compete with me in terms of mental or physical strength.

6. She must want to be a traditional stay-at-home mother

Once the kids arrive, she should have no desire to pursue a pointless office career in place of taking care of our growing brood. She may have some freedom to pursue hobbies like yoga or knitting, but her place will be in the home while I tirelessly work on my internet ebook hustle to bring home the bread that gives her everything she needs.

When I come home from work (at the cafe), I expect the kids to be clean, the house to be in good order, and preparations for dinner planned. I shall not participate in more than 5% of household duties outside of home improvement. In exchange, she will never have to worry about money or work outside the home. She can live a pleasant middle-class lifestyle that can even include dog and car ownership.

7. She must believe in a god

My experience shows that a woman who doesn’t believe in god has a value system taught to her by corporations and progressive degenerates. She will certainly be addicted to internet attention, alcohol, casual sex, material possessions, or food. She has relativistic morality, and what she thinks of as morality is actually built upon her feelings. When faced with any type of stress, she will almost always follow the herd or make the wrong decision. A woman who believes in god, while still prone to making mistakes, makes less of them and at least has a mental system encouraging her to perform good.


I believe the seven things above are quite reasonable, and something that would have taken no more than a 6-month search two generations ago, but based on my last decade of intensive fornication, I’ve encountered maybe two girls who fit the bill, especially when it comes to girls being a virgin and eager to stay at home. Part of this reason is that most of my time hunting for women was spent in big cities where such values are rapidly disappearing.

The decision I have to make now is how badly I want kids. If I don’t want kids, I should live in a place like Poland where I can attain a comfortable life of easy sex with “strong and independent” sluts, but where it’s close to impossible to meet girls who meet the above requirements (in the Polish cities I have lived in). If I do want to have kids, I should immediately move, because I’m surely not getting any younger. The two countries that seem to best accomplish my list are Ukraine and Russia, though there are huge obstacles and difficulties with living there long term instead of just going for two months of adventure and fun.

While I can honestly state that I’m not crazy about having kids right now, I know that my desires can change and so I have to guess if I will want them within five years time. Only five years ago I was still in the middle of nonstop casual sex, thinking the party would never end, and of course the music did stop and it’s something that no longer drives me. If being a father is in my future, I must prepare for it now.

Daryush Valizadeh - Roosh V - PDF
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Dr. William Pierce - Cosmotheism is the Meaning of Life

, 07:07

Dr. William Pierce - Cosmotheism is the Meaning of Life (Our Cause)

Kinsmen die and cattle die, and so must one die oneself
But there is one thing I know which never dies
And that is the fame of a dead man's deeds

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The Dingoes - Howling across the Universe

, 07:00


The Dingoes
Howling across the Universe

The Dingoes are a group of young Australian men who promote the interests of our people. We're politically-incorrect larrikins in our national tradition who take great enjoyment in ridiculing the grievance-mongering of our media and imported popular culture.

We're tired of being told to be ashamed of our past as settlers, soldiers, pioneers and Europeans. We assert the value of the creation of our Antipodean outpost of Britain and Western Europe. We love our country with its flaws, strengths and native particularities that make it unique.

We are not cheerleaders for political parties and hold a special contempt for the phony 'conservatives' who would sell our inheritance to the highest bidder.

We reject the premises of universal humanism and believe in self-determination for all peoples. We stand against our forced dispossession by the opportunism of our political class and the whims of global markets.

The Dingoes are independent in the truest sense of the word. We think for ourselves and aren't beholden to the demands of cutting-edge ideological fads that shape the current parameters of our national discourse. We are not ideologues or purists. We debate and disagree amongst eachother and are open to considering reasonable points of view different to our own.

We believe we represent a substantial portion of our population that lacks a voice in advocating for and living out a vision of Australia that is united, nativist and homogeneous.

You can contact us using the contact form here.


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Ben Klassen - Entrevue avec Tom Metzger - Race and Reason

, 07:07


Ben Klassen - Entrevue avec Tom Metzger
Race and Reason

Il existe peu de photos ou de films de Ben Klassen. Par contre Ben Klassen a eu le temps nécessaire pour développer sa pensée dans de nombreux ouvrages. Dans cette vidéo de 1987, Ben Klassen explique notre doctrine religieuse à Tom Metzger. Comme on peut le voir sur cette vidéo, la santé de Ben Klassen commence à se dégrader (la moitié gauche de son visage est paralysée).

Ben Klassen était un intellectuel avant d'être un orateur ou un leader. Doté d'une intelligence exceptionnelle et d'une grande culture historique; Ben Klassen était le mieux placé pour offrir à la Race Blanche la religion de son salut.

L'essentiel est là, rien ne peut être construit sur du sable. Notre religion raciale - LA CRÉATIVITÉ - est le fondement sur lequel la future société blanche devra s'ériger. Voilà pourquoi il est important de diffuser notre religion raciale parmi les Blancs du monde entier. Afin qu'une élite puisse émerger de notre race et éclairer le monde.

RAHOWA 73 - Interview de Ben Klassen par Tom Metzger (1987)

Ben Klassen - Le Petit Livre Blanc
Ben Klassen - La bible de l'Homme Blanc
Ben Klassen - PDF

Traduction Didi18

Suavelos - Juin 2017 - Saint Claude 88

, 16:10

Suavelos - Juin 2017 - Saint Claude 88

Arthur Kemp - Bâtir le foyer blanc
Une stratégie de survie pour les Européens devant le flot montant des peuples de couleur

Radio Melon - Célia, militante nationaliste de 19 ans !

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Le Dr. Hamer est mort

, 19:41


Le Dr. Hamer est mort

Le Dr. Hamer, le seul de son temps qui ait compris l'origine des cancers (et de nombreuses autres maladies, toutes suivant le même processus).

Hamer est mort, vive la médecine nouvelle !

Le Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer est décédé le dimanche 2 juillet à Sandefjord, en Norvège, là où il avait trouvé refuge depuis une dizaine d’années.
Condamné plusieurs fois à de la prison ferme, en Allemagne et en France. Pourchassé dans l’Europe entière, traîné dans la boue et traité de tous les noms par les juifs, l’ancien médecin interniste faisait encore l’objet de poursuites de la part des autorités norvégiennes. La persécution aura duré près de 40 ans et on peut comprendre qu’à l’âge de 82 ans, la santé du Dr. Hamer ait fini par décliner malgré son exceptionnelle vitalité et sa constitution extraordinairement robuste. Cet homme était un roc, un chêne, une force de la nature que rien ne semblait pouvoir ébranler. Mais il était aussi un être humain empathique et chaleureux.

Ryke Geerd Hamer - PDF aryanalibris.com

Ryke Geerd Hamer - Présentation de la médecine nouvelle germanique
Ryke Geerd Hamer - La Médecine Nouvelle
Seul contre tous - La vie et l’oeuvre du Docteur R. G. Hamer

James Mason - Siege - AudioBook

, 07:07


James Mason - Siege - AudioBook - www.aldebaranvideo.tv
The collected writings of James Mason


James Mason’s outrageous and highly readable Siege was drawn from a newsletter that he published from 1980 to 1986. It consists, therefore, of short articles and essays that you can easily read just about anywhere. There is a “big picture” here, but it is like a photo-mosaic created from many overlapping little pictures.

Mason sees the most important truth about the world today: The White race is in danger of extinction unless we preserve White living spaces from the destructive influx of other races. If we don’t fix this problem, nothing else matters.

Siege seems, at first glance, to recommend two contradictory strategies. On the one hand, Mason advocates a total attack on the System by any means necessary, hence his enthusiasm for all things destructive, from shoplifting to terrorism. On the other hand, Mason also praises those who drop out of the System completely - or at least mooch off it without contributing to it.

Both strategies, however, have a common principle : whether you work to destroy it, or just drop out of it, never compromise with the System. Do not grant it your moral sanction. Do not give it your material support. And, above all, do not try to reform it. We cannot turn the clock back to a healthier time. Instead, we must accelerate the destructive forces at work, for a healthy New Order can arise only after the complete destruction of the present one.

Siege is a tool for mental self-liberation and perhaps even a guidebook for living near what we hope is the end of the present Dark Age.

Mason James - Siege - PDF
James Mason - Interview
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Radio Melon - Les enfants terribles - Les Coqs de l'Est

, 07:07


Radio melon - Les enfants terribles - Les Coqs de l'Est

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Radio Melon - L'Ukraine avec Flo des Coqs de l'Est


James Simpson - Reynard the fox

, 14:32


James Simpson - Reynard the fox

One of the greatest characters of medieval literature, the trickster Reynard the Fox, comes to life in this rollicking new translation.

What do a weak lion king, a grief-stricken rooster, a dim-witted bear, and one really angry wolf have in common ?

The answer is they’ve all been had by one sly fox named Reynard. Originally bursting forth from Europe in the twelfth century, Reynard the Fox—a classic trickster narrative centered on a wily and gleefully amoral fox and his numerous victims in the animal kingdom—anticipated both Tex Avery and The Prince by showing that it’s better to be clever than virtuous. However, where The Prince taught kings how to manipulate their subjects, Reynard the Fox demonstrated how, in a world of ruthless competition, clever subjects could outwit both their rulers and enemies alike.

In these riotous pages, Reynard lies, cheats, or eats anyone and anything that he crosses paths with, conning the likes of Tybert the Cat, Bruin the Bear, and Beilin the Ram, among others. Reynard’s rapacious nature and constant “stealing and roving” eventually bring him into conflict with the court of the less-than-perceptive Noble the Lion and the brutal Isengrim the Wolf, pitting cunning trickery against brute force. Unlike the animal fables of Aesop, which use small narratives to teach schoolboy morality, Reynard the Fox employs a dark and outrageous sense of humor to puncture the hypocritical authority figures of the “civilized” order, as the rhetorically brilliant fox outwits all comers by manipulating their bottomless greed.

As James Simpson, one of the world’s leading scholars of medieval literature, notes in his introduction, the Reynard tales were ubiquitous, with translations in every major European language and twenty-three separate editions between 1481 and 1700 in England alone. However, despite its immense popularity at the time, this brains-over-brawn parable largely disappeared. Now, for the first time in over a century, the fifteenth-century version of Reynard the Fox reemerges in this lively translation.

Readers both young and old will be delighted by Reynard’s exploits, as he excels at stitching up the vain, pompous, and crooked and escapes punishment no matter how tight the noose. Highlighted by new illustrations by Edith E. Newman, Simpson’s translation of the late Middle English Caxton edition restores this classic as a part of a vital tradition that extends all the way to Br’er Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, and even Itchy and Scratchy. As Stephen Greenblatt writes in his foreword, Reynard is the “animal fable’s version of Homer’s Odysseus, the man of many wiles,” proving that in a dog-eat-dog world the fox reigns supreme.

JAMES SIMPSON is the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Professor of English at Harvard University and an editor of The Norton Anthology of English Literature. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Radio Melon - L'Ukraine avec Flo des Coqs de l'Est

, 07:07

Radio Melon - L'Ukraine avec Flo des Coqs de l'Est

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