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ZenMate Manifesto
ZenMate is pushing forward privacy, security and freedom on the Internet by creating the best VPN service in the world, that can be used by anyone, no matter their technical experience.

Our promise to you
ZenMate is not storing your IP address or personal data
ZenMate is not tracking who you are or what you do online
ZenMate is not selling data to third parties
ZenMate cannot give away your personal data to authorities or third parties as it is not stored in the first place
ZenMate is proudly based in Berlin and operates under strict German data protection laws

At ZenMate you are not the product
ZenMate’s income comes from its Premium services and offerings
ZenMate is not injecting advertisements
ZenMate is not selling your data to third parties
ZenMate will never charge you without your consent

ZenMate is operating its own infrastructure
ZenMate is not using you as a peer, exit node or botnet
ZenMate is not routing traffic of others through your device
ZenMate is providing parts of its expensive, international server fleet for free, made possible by ZenMate’s awesome Premium users

How do we make money ?
ZenMate offers free services that are limited in speed, locations and features
ZenMate will not compromise any of our users’ privacy and security, whether they are paying or not
ZenMate does not guarantee specific locations and features being free but will make sure to provide a viable free offering
ZenMate’s free tier is made possible by the support of our Premium users

ZenMate provides a full-featured Premium service that is financing our operations
ZenMate’s Premium service offers more speed, premium support, locations, features and platforms

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