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Degrelle reloaded and ready to fire

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SS Brigadeführer Léon Degrelle reloaded and ready to fire
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Excerpt from the documentary Le Volksführer Part 1 - Part 2.
The SS Brigadeführer Léon Degrelle recalls the golden era of National Socialism and deplores the degradation that brought the triumph of international jewry in World War II. A war that lost not only Germany but all mankind.

Léon Degrelle - Nous autres nous avons rêvé à quelque chose de grandiose 2016

Léon Degrelle - The rest of us we have dreamed of something marvellous 2016

Léon Degrelle - Soñamos algo grandioso

Léon Degrelle - Me unistasime millestki imeilusast

Léon Degrelle - Nós sonhamos algo maravilhoso

Léon Degrelle - Wir träumten von etwas großartigem

Léon Degrelle - We droomden over iets wonderbaarlijks

Léon Degrelle - Vi drömde om något underbart

Léon Degrelle - Мы мечтали о чем то великом Леон Дегрель

Léon Degrelle - Ονειρευτήκαμε κάτι θαυμάσιο Λεόν Ντεγκρέλ

Léon Degrelle - Ние мечтахме за нещо чудесно Леон Дегрел

Léon Degrelle - Csodálatos dolgot álmodtunk meg

Léon Degrelle - Am visat la ceva minunat

Léon Degrelle - Abbiamo sognato qualcosa di meraviglioso

Léon Degrelle - Sanjali smo o nečemu veličanstvenom

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