Paul Wade - Convict Conditioning

The Edmonton SUN newspaper interviewed Coach Paul Wade, Author of The Convict Conditioning Workout. Check out the interview below to hear how and why Paul Wade became so obsessed with bodyweight training and got strong as hell in one of the deadliest prisons known to man. Enjoy….
Being fit and strong wasn’t an option during the 19 years that Paul (Coach) Wade spent in prison. It was a necessity.
“I needed what I got from my training to stay sane, maybe even stay breathing,” he says in an email interview. The 53-year-old San Francisco native who now lives near London, England was introduced to the U.S. penal system 31 years ago.
Back then he was a 22-year-old heroin dealer who weighed a stick-thin 150 pounds at six-foot-one. With his self-professed pipe-cleaner arms, Wade found himself in the notorious San Quentin State Prison in 1979.
“Following some nasty experiences early on, I learned pretty quickly that other prisoners exploit weaknesses like they breathe air; intimidation is the daily currency in the holes I’ve wound up in,” he writes in his book Convict Conditioning, published last year.
“And as I wasn’t planning on being anyone’s bitch, I realized that the safest way to stop being a target was to build myself up, fast.”
Indeed, he got big in the Big House.

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