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David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma

Flat Earth - 199 reads

, 08:08


David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma
The Earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason, and fact.

This early work on Flat Earth was originally published in 1901. It comprises a comprehensive series of essays which use scripture, reason and fact that prove that the earth is not a globe. The text makes for an entertaining and informative read, providing a wonderful insight into the philosophy of a bygone age.

Its chapters include discussions of :
The Adamic Creation,
The Nebular Hypothesis : Examinatin of three Alleged Proofs of the World’s Globarity,
The Horizontality of Land and Water Proved,
The Sun, according to the Scriptures,
The Deluge-Biblical Account,
The Great Deep a Proof that the Earth is not a globe... and much, much more !

Flat Earth - PDF
Eric Dubay - The flat-earth conspiracy

Eric Dubay - A Flat Earth awakening story
Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon the most incredible revelation of his lifetime, a revelation so fundamental and Earth-shattering that it awakened his long-dormant spiritual side and caused him to become a firm proponent of intelligent design. In the hopes that others might benefit, Rene is sharing his story of learning at the ripe age of 62 that our Earth is not at all what we've been taught to believe. Please share this video with the atheists you know and help spread the truth about our flat, motionless Earth.

Eric Dubay - The History of Flat Earth
International Flat Earth Research Society President Eric Dubay presents the complete history of Flat Earth from the beginning of recorded history to today. Please help share this most important presentation with as many as you can. Also please be sure to download and re-upload this and my other videos so they cannot censor us all.

Eric Dubay - Flat Earth, Fake aliens and real Giants

Eric Dubay - But why would they lie ? Mantra of the Ball-Earther
Incessantly asking why the world's governments would lie about flat Earth when you haven't yet actually done your due diligence in researching the hundreds of proofs, experiments and evidence easily and widely available showing beyond the shadow of any doubt that Earth is absolutely flat, is like coming upon a bloody homicidal crime scene with your eyes closed and refusing to believe it happened because you can't fathom the perpetrator's motive, and until someone offers you a motive proper to your subjective sensibilities, only then might you open your eyes and investigate the obvious murder scene.


Sagas islandaises

Spirituality - 220 reads

, 07:07


Sagas islandaises

Les Sagas islandaises en prose, qui datent pour la plupart du XIIIe siècle, se situent aux frontières de l'histoire et de la légende. Elles rapportent dans un style laconique, avec un humour noir et froid, les exploits des colonisateurs de l'Islande et de leurs descendants.
Sans lyrisme aucun, oscillant entre la banalité du quotidien et la démesure de l'exceptionnel, les auteurs, presque tous anonymes, ont su traduire une grandiose conception de la condition humaine : véritables artisans de leur destin, les personnages préservent, par la vengeance, la réputation qui les sauvera de l'oubli et les fera triompher de la mort.

Scandinavie - PDF
Tradition - PDF
Mythologie - PDF


Library Genesis

Various - 260 reads

, 17:04


Library Genesis

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George Lincoln Rockwell - Nazionalsocialismo americano

Various - 218 reads

, 08:08

George Lincoln Rockwell - Nazionalsocialismo americano

Questo video è in dedica a uno dei più grandi americani che sia mai vissuto. Per troppo tempo la nostra opposizione ci ha indottrinati con le nozioni fallaci in quanto riguarda il nazionalsocialismo. Guardare e condividere questo video per diffondere la verità per quanto riguarda la nostra prospettiva e visione del mondo.

Discorso da famoso George Lincoln Rockwell


Omniphi Media

Oscar Turner


National Revolution - Turn on, Tune in, Take Over ! (Kai Murros)

Leo Yankevich - Epilogue

Jayme Liardi - Let it Burn

George Lincoln Rockwell - American National Socialism (Italian)
George Lincoln Rockwell - American National Socialism

Stone Cold Steve Austin Confronts Paul Hayman on Jewish Privilege

Dr. William Luther Pierce - Toward a Healthy Society

Dr. William Luther Pierce - Out of the Darkness (1983)

Dr. William L. Pierce - Conditioning for Death

Defend Europe

Cosmotheism Trilogy - The Path (Part 1 of 3)
Cosmotheism Trilogy - On Living Things (Part 2 of 3)
Cosmotheism Trilogy - On Society (Part 3 of 3)

America is not the Greatest Country in the World Anymore


George Lincoln Rockwell - This time the World
Now it is TOMORROW ! Now is the time, White Men !


Benrhard Rust - La educación en el Tercer Reich

Various - 193 reads

, 08:00


Benrhard Rust - La educación en el Tercer Reich

El siglo XIV fue testigo de tal progreso educativo en el campo del refinamiento intelectual que podría ser justamente descrito como el siglo de la educación. Alemania jugó un papel importante en este desarrollo y su sistema educativo fue reconocido universalmente como particularmente eficiente. Por ello muchos extranjeros utilizaron las facilidades educativas que Alemania ofrecía. Si ahora vemos que, a pesar de estos espléndidos logros, el III Reich ha dispuesto realizar un cambio radical en el sistema de educación, debemos estar seguros que ha sido debido a muy buenas razones. Desde luego, existe una doble evidencia que demuestra que algo estaba equivocado en la educación. En primer lugar, el alto grado de cultura popular no había logrado la protección del pueblo alemán contra el venenoso efecto del marxismo y otras falsas doctrinas. Grandes masas del pueblo eran víctimas de éstas, mientras que otras secciones -más especialmente aquellas de más alta educación -, no habían sido capaces de elevar un efectivo soporte contra la propaganda de este veneno. Se debían haber prevenido los acontecimientos de 1918 y el periodo subsiguiente de desintegración nacional.

Bernhard Rust - Erziehung und Unterricht in der VolkSschule
Tercer Reich - PDF


Gerhard Herm - The Celts

History - 225 reads

, 10:01


Gerhard Herm - The Celts

The Celts is the 2000-year epic story of the North European civilization that rivaled Greece and Rome for richness, diversity and power. Originating with fierce naked warriors who collected enemy heads as war trophies, the Celts eventually made their influence felt from the Middle East to the Atlantic, bringing with them a unique culture and mythology, and a style of art considered the greatest achievement north of the Alps after the Ice Age.
The Romans called them "furor celticus" and at the height of their empire Ankara, Cologne, Belgrade and Milan all spoke Celtish.
The Celts is the remarkable story of our North European cultural ancestors, whose language is still spoken by more than two million people in Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

A chronological event of the Celts from the time they first encountered Roman armies in Italy to the coming of Caesar to the campaigns advancing into England and Ireland to the acceptance of Christianity to the arising of the King Arthur legend due to William of Normandy's defeat on Harold of England in the battle of the Hastings. The book overall was interesting in parts and slow in others. If nothing else it gave me an appreciation of my heritage. From the beginning they were barbarians with their ragged hair, painted bodies, and unduly tactics of war that drove their enemy into fright at first sight. They had an over imaginative superstition to the spirit world in so much that they kept the heads of their victims and decorated their homes, including making drinking vessels out of the skulls, believing that they would protect them. The adoption of Christianity began to tame them to some extent but their ingenious fallacy continued forth in the devising of the Grail and the legend of King Arthur which continues to influence people today.

Celtes - PDF

The Celts

Eddie Bravo - Flat Earth

Flat Earth - 278 reads

, 15:17


Eddie Bravo - Flat Earth
Edgar "Eddie" Bravo (born Edgar Cano on May 15, 1970) is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, and former UFC analyst. He is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

Eddie Bravo, Flat Earth vs Infowar. Censored by ALex Jones

Eric Dubay - PDF
Flat Earth - PDF
Revisionism - PDF
Third Reich - PDF
Führer - PDF

Eddie Bravo - PDF
Jiu-Jitsu - PDF

More documentation about the Flat Earth
Eric Dubay website : The Atlantean Conspiracy

Eric Dubay, Flat-Earther and Holocaust-Denier
Eric Dubay, Head of the International Flat Earth Research Society is interviewed by Sean Condon of Truth Seekers Farm about several subjects including the Holohoax, International Jewry, Adolf Hitler, Pizzagate, Psychopathy, and Flat Earth.

Eddie Bravo, Kron Gracie, and Eric Dubay Flat Earth special
Big thanks to Eddie Bravo, Kron Gracie, and the rest of the guys for this ground-breaking podcast where we expose the dinosaur hoax, the nuclear hoax, evolution, the big bang, controlled opposition, NASA, and the flat Earth conspiracy. The podcast starts at 1:25 and contains a few technical audio issues, but overall came out very well and is essential viewing for flat-Earthers and ballers alike ! Please help like, comment, share, subscribe, download and re-upload to help spread the word.
(People have recommended that I edit this podcast to cut out the problem segments and add relevant pics/vids while we're talking. I will do that in the near future, but for now just wanted to get the full podcast up asap for everyone. Peace)



Richard Tedor - Hitler's revolution

History - 215 reads

, 19:43


Richard Tedor - Hitler's revolution
Ideology, social programs, foreign affairs

Defying liberal democracy, Adolf Hitler transformed Germany into an authoritarian state advocating sovereignty of nations, advancement of labor, preservation of the white race, and commerce based on exchange of wares to replace the international gold standard. Becoming chancellor in 1933, he tackled his country s bankruptcy, massive unemployment, Communist subversion and foreign domination.
His social economic programs and diplomacy restored German prosperity and independence in three years, despite opposition from Western democratic leaders.

Penetrating the shroud of vilification draping this controversial figure, our study draws on nearly 200 published German sources, many from the National Socialist era, plus documents from British, U.S. and Soviet archives, to describe not just what Hitler did, but why. It also reveals democracy s genuine war aims, a taboo subject for historians, in the ensuing world war against Germany. Challenging the status quo version of the period, here is the book for the student of history who senses that something is missing and seeks answers.

Fascism - PDF
Third Reich - PDF

Hitler's Revolution : Requiem of the Will

Ingrid Rimland - Lebensraum !

Various - 151 reads

, 08:00


Ingrid Rimland - Lebensraum !

Book 1 - A passion for land and peace
This is the first of three novels spanning 7 generations and 200 years. It depicts the founding of two vast wheat empires by Russian-German pioneers. The period covered is roughly from 1989 to 1914 - the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution.
Lebensraum I, author Ingrid Rimland, offers up an epic saga recounting the exploits and accomplishments of a proud and precious people, intricately etched upon the panorama of history. Lebensraum, Book I, A Passion For Land And Peace, lays a firm foundation for this important work.

Book 2 - The theft of land and peace
The power of the Czar has diminished considerably. Nonetheless Apanlee is, for the most part, a peaceful and prosperous place, notwithstanding the occasional fly in the ointment. Dominik is the illicit son of Apanlee's patriarch, Hein Neufeld, as a result of his earlier indiscretion with the peasant woman Natasha. Though Hein and his wife, Marleen, have taken Natasha and Dominik into their home, the boy seems intent on begrudging his illegitimacy. Dominik grows to be a bitter and spiteful young man, stirred only by the revolutionary writings of Uncle Benny - which he, of course, interprets in the context of his own feelings of alienation and inadequacy. When Dominik is called away to fight in the Czar's army, even Natasha cannot help but feel some relief.
In this volume, Russian German pioneers experience World War I and its aftermath in the Ukraine, and the Depression in the prairies of the Midwest.

Book 3 - The dream of land and peace
In the wake of the bloody Bolshevik Revolution, Russia is beset with chaos and violence, exacerbated by a state sponsored campaign of terror intended to enforce the collective agenda. At Apanlee, on the Ukrainian steppes, fields once lush with grain now lay virtually barren. Hein's bastard son, Dominik, has been sent by the Communist Party to administer the estate as a state-run collective farm, as its rightful heirs are summarily dispossessed. Marleen and her remaining children - those who've survived the slaughter - are relegated to the hovels of the peasants. Still they do not, and will not, relinquish their dignity.
Proclaimed by many readers as the most dramatic volume in this trilogy, Book III tells of how World War II was experienced - by Russian-Germans supporting the war, and by American Germans opposing the war.

Books and Booklets - Titles by Ingrid Rimland - www.zundelsite.org
Ingrid Rimland - PDF


Christian Léourier - Contes et légendes de la mythologie celtique

Spirituality - 183 reads

, 13:31


Christian Léourier - Contes et légendes de la mythologie celtique

Des exploits du dieu Lug conduisant les tribus de Dana à la victoire, aux prouesses de Cûchulainn tenant tête à toute une armée, en passant par les amours tragiques de Diarmaid et Grainné, les bardes chantent l'épopée des Celtes et soulèvent un coin du voile qui recouvre les secrets des druides.

Table des Matières :

La Faute du roi Nuada
La Seconde Bataille de Mag Tured
La Quête des fils de Tuireann
Le Prince de L’Abîme
La Cavalière d’Aberth
La Montagne sur la mer
La plus belle femme du monde
La Faiblesse des Ulates
Le Morceau du héros
Le Taureau brun de Cualngé
Un Vol de cygnes
Le Roi sans royaume
Le Mariage de Finn
La Jalousie de Finn
L’ Île des femmes
Le Prince des bardes

Mythologie - PDF
Celtes - PDF

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