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Clare Mulley - The women who flew for Hitler

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Mulley Clare - The women who flew for Hitler
The true story of Hitler’s Valkyries

Hanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg were talented, courageous and strikingly attractive women who fought convention to make their names in the male-dominated field of flight in 1930s Germany. With the war, both became pioneering test pilots and both were awarded the Iron Cross for service to the Third Reich. But they could not have been more different and neither woman had a good word to say for the other.
Hanna was middle-class, vivacious and distinctly Aryan, while the darker, more self-effacing Melitta, came from an aristocratic Prussian family. Both were driven by deeply held convictions about honour and patriotism but ultimately while Hanna tried to save Hitler's life, begging him to let her fly him to safety in April 1945, Melitta covertly supported the most famous attempt to assassinate the Führer. Their interwoven lives provide a vivid insight into Nazi Germany and its attitudes to women, class and race.

Acclaimed biographer Clare Mulley gets under the skin of these two distinctive and unconventional women, giving a full - and as yet largely unknown - account of their contrasting yet strangely parallel lives, against a changing backdrop of the 1936 Olympics, the Eastern Front, the Berlin Air Club, and Hitler's bunker. Told with brio and great narrative flair, The Women Who Flew for Hitler is an extraordinary true story, with all the excitement and colour of the best fiction.

Second World War - PDF
Third Reich - PDF


Charles Lindbergh's warning

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Charles Lindbergh's warning

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) (aka Lucky Lindy; The Lone Eagle) was an American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and peace activist who, on May 20–21, 1927, became famous as the pilot of the first nonstop Transatlantic flight from New York (Roosevelt Field) to Paris (Le Bourget Field) made in the single seat, single engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis.

After his flight to Paris, Lindbergh used his fame over the late 1920s and early 1930s to relentlessly help promote the rapid development of U.S. commercial aviation. While in the later 1930s and up until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Lindbergh was an outspoken advocate of keeping the U.S. out of the world conflict (as was his Congressman father during World War I) and became a leader of the anti-war America First movement, he nonetheless supported the War effort after Pearl Harbor and flew many combat missions in the Pacific Theater as a civilian consultant even though President Roosevelt had refused to reinstate his Army Air Force commission as a Colonel that he had resigned earlier in 1941. In his later years Lindbergh became a prolific prize-winning author, international explorer, inventor, and active environmentalist.

Lindbergh was awarded the nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, in 1927 for his flight to Paris.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh - PDF

Charles A. Lindbergh - Lindbergh on the Federal Reserve
Why is your country at war and what happens to you after the war

John de Nugent - Glory to Mary Phagan

jewelry - 138 reads

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Glory to Mary Phagan Part 1

John de Nugent - Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men who avenged her
Leo Frank and the killing of Mary Phagan

Leo Max Frank (April 17, 1884 – August 17, 1915) was a violent Jewish serial child molester, pedophile-rapist, adulterous whoremonger and vicious strangler in the United States. He was president of the Atlanta chapter of B'nai B'rith in 1912 & 1913, and on August 17, 1915, he was executed by hanging, for bludgeoning, raping, and strangling of 13-year old Mary Phagan, on April 26, 1913.

Brooklyn raised and educated as a mechanical engineer at Ivy League Cornell University in Ithaca, NY (1902 - 1906), he later trained in pencil manufacturing at Eberhard Faber in the former German Empire during a 9-month apprenticeship in 1908. Leo M. Frank returned to America at Ellis Island, August 1st, 1908. Briefly visiting his family in Brooklyn for just a few short days. Leo M. Frank traveled to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan on 34th and 8th, and embarked on a 2-day train ride to Atlanta, Georgia.

Arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 6, 1908, Leo M. Frank began a dramatic five year chapter in his life. With a blessing from his rich and savvy, cotton oil investor, uncle Moses Frank, the National Pencil Company would hire Leo M. Frank on August 10, 1908, until Tuesday, April 29, 1913, when Leo M. Frank was arrested and became the prime suspect in the Mary Phagan murder mystery investigation.

Glory to Mary Phagan Part 2

On May 7, 1913, A Coroner's Inquest lead by the prodigious savant Coroner Paul Donehee, and a Jury of 6 men, questioned 160 directly affiliated witnesses and associates, and then voted unanimously 7 to 0, to bind over Leo M. Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan and to be reviewed by a Grand Jury.

On May 24, 1913, a Grand Jury of 21 men which included 4 Jewish members, after completing a thorough murder investigation and hearing the testimony of numerous witnesses, voted unanimously 21 to 0, to indict Leo M. Frank, charging him with the strangulation of Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913.

On July 28, 1913, the Leo M. Frank trial began, more than 200 witnesses for the State and Defense were to be called.

On August 18, 1913, Leo Frank made a virtual murder confession at his trial, during his 4 hour statement. In response to Monteen Stover's testimony about Leo Frank's inner and outer office being empty on April 26, 1913, between 12:05 and 12:10 PM, Leo Frank stated the reason his office was empty was during this time was because he might have "unconsciously" gone to the bathroom to use the toilet or to urinate. The only bathroom on the second floor was in the metal room, the place the State's prosecution spent the first three months of the trial convincing the Jury that Leo Frank murdered Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913, between 12:05 and 12:10 PM.

On August 21, 1913, the longest, and most expensive trial in Southern history at the time ends, closing arguments begin.

On August 25, 1913, closing arguments end at Noon. At 4:00 PM, after 4 hours of Jury deliberation, Leo M. Frank was unanimously (12 to 0) convicted of murder, for the Confederate Memorial Day strangling of little Mary Anne Phagan on April 26, 1913.

On August 26, 1913, the presiding Judge, the Honorable Leonard Strickland Roan, affirmed the verdict of guilt, and sentenced Leo Frank to death by hanging. Together, the Judge, along with the 12-man Jury, voted unanimously 13 to 0 against Leo M. Frank. Judge Roan sentenced Leo Frank to hang on October 10, 1913.

On October 31, 1913, Judge Leonard Strickland Roan rejected a request for a new trial by the Leo Frank defense dream team, and re-sentenced Leo Max Frank to die on his 30th birthday, April 17, 1914. The sentencing put doubts into any claims Judge Roan doubted the verdict of guilt.

From August 27, 1913, to April 22, 1915, Leo M. Frank appealed his conviction to every level of the United States Appellate Court System, including, the Georgia Superior Court, Georgia Supreme Court (twice), Federal District Court and the United States Supreme Court (twice).

Every level of the United States Legal System, after carefully and meticulously reviewing the trial testimony and evidence, voted in majority decisions to reject his appeals and preserve the unanimous verdict of guilt given to Leo M. Frank by the 13-man tribunal of Judge Leonard Strickland Roan and the 12-man Jury.

In May of 1915, the Georgia State Prison Board voted 2 to 1 against a clemency petition by and for Leo M. Frank.

Leo Frank's death sentence was commuted on June 21, 1915, from hanging to life in prison, by a corrupt outgoing Governor, John M. Slaton, who had been bribed by wealthy Jews and was a senior law partner and part owner of the wealthy and powerful law firm that provided legal representation (Rosser, Slaton, Brandon & Phillips) for Leo M. Frank at his capital murder trial (July 28 to August 26, 1913) and a number of his appeals.

Outraged, the most prominent men from the State of Georgia, including a former governor, formed the Knight's of Mary Phagan in the summer of 1915. Later many of these men became the founding fathers (November 25, 1915) of the second incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) revival.

On July 17, 1915, Leo Frank "got shanked" in prison. His throat was slashed with a 7 inch butcher knife and he barely survived the attack.

On August 16, 1915 - about two months after the illegal commutation - the most audacious prison break in U.S. history was executed with military precision by a group of leading men from Georgia's society and government. Leo Frank was abducted from the Milledgeville State Prison, a work farm, driven 150 miles to Frey's Gin in Cobb County, Marietta, and lynched from a mature oak tree. The site of the lynching encompassed by Frey's Grove, is now 1200 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA.



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Dr. William Pierce - The lesson of Haiti

History - 146 reads

, 07:07

Dr. William Pierce - The lesson of Haiti

Haiti started out as a prosperous colony of France. The Black slaves rebelled and killed all the Whites they could get their hands on. However, most of what the Whites built was intact. What happened next ?
Instead of maintaining it, the Haitians let everything fall into disrepair. Time and time again this process has been repeated : Whites have build up Haiti's infrastructure and the Blacks have let it run down. Poverty, filth, and corruption are unalterable facets of life. When will Whites learn the lesson implied ?


Hesketh Prichard - Where black rules white

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Jacques Collin - L'eau Le miracle oublié

Spirituality - 153 reads

, 13:13


Jacques Collin - L'eau Le miracle oublié

Ce livre étudie le problème de l'eau d'une manière originale. L'existence et la qualité de l'eau que nous devrons utiliser en cette fin de siècle, compteront parmi les problèmes majeurs à résoudre afin d'assurer, dans de bonnes conditions, la survie de notre espèce.
Pollution et distribution de l'eau sont aujourd'hui des points vitaux. L'eau est sacrée pour l'émergence de la vie.

L'auteur aborde tous les aspects de l'eau, qui pourrait bien être, au XXIè siècle, un des éléments les plus fantastiques de la régénérescence physique, mentale et spirituelle de l'homme. L'eau attend pour se donner au Nouvel Homme, que celui-ci prenne conscience du formidable potentiel qu'elle présente.
L'eau, le miracle oublié, est à la fois un livre de santé, un livre scientifique et un livre de réflexions, métaphysique et spirituelle.

Eau - PDF

Math Powerland - How to debate flat earth ? And Win !

Flat Earth - 139 reads

, 12:12

Math Powerland - How to debate flat earth ? And Win !

Ebooks :
William Carpenter - One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe
Thomas Winship - Zetetic cosmogony
Karl A. Smith - Is the earth a globe whirling in space ?
David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma
Samuel Shenton - The plane truth
Eric Dubay - The flat-earth conspiracy
Mark Knight - Flat Earth advanced The moon fonction and cataclysm
Eric Dubay - 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball
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Flat Earth - PDF


Adolf Hitler - Hitler's prophecy

Various - 180 reads

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Adolf Hitler - Hitler's prophecy
Make Europa great again

Adolf Hitler - Hitlers Prophezeiung
Adolf Hitler - A Profecia de Hitler
Adolf Hitler - La profezia di Hitler
Adolf Hitler - La prophétie d'Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Proroctwo Hitlera
Adolf Hitler - Hitlers Profetia
Adolf Hitler - Hitleri Ettekuulutus
Adolf Hitler - Пророчество Гитлера
Adolf Hitler - προφητεία του Χίτλερ
Adolf Hitler - Пророчеството на Хитлер
Adolf Hitler - Hitler's profetie
Adolf Hitler - Hitler próféciája

Alerta Judiada Int. 2

Adolf Hitler - Videos
Adolf Hitler - PDF

Ernst Zündel died on Saturday August 5

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Ernst Zündel died on Saturday August 5
Carolyn Yeager

It is my quiet duty to notify you that my husband, Ernst Zundel, passed away yesterday at the home in the Black Forest in Germany where he was born. Details are still sketchy, but I know that his sister, Sigrid, was with him when it happened. She found him unconscious and called the ambulance. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Apparently it was a heart attack. That is really all I know at this time. Please put this notice on your website. There will be an official press release in a few days. What can I say ? Perhaps just this: "... that there has passed a radiance from this earth ..."
Ingrid Zündel

Ernst Zündel - Videos
Ernst Zündel - Another Voice of Freedom
Ernst Zündel - PDF
Ingrid Rimland - Lebensraum !

I was just alerted by Don Advo at Stormfront that Forum member "IchBinSchwabisch" posted today at 9:40 a.m.
It is with GREAT, GREAT sorrow., that I bring the VERY tragic news., of the TRULY heroic German "Hollow-Caust" investigator, Ernst Zundel (with 2 major court-trials in Canada, back in 1985 & 88)., as I just got off the phone with his sister in Germany, that he is in fact., and had VERY unfortunately., just past-away yesterday, Saturday, August 5th...
May God bless his soul for his life-long struggles in the defense of his people / folk, AND my God protect his loving wife, Ingrid...
Unfortunately., as of this moment / day., I have NO details as to the cause of his passing., but will do my best to find-out (without over-stepping my bounds with his family) as to what transpired to bring about such a GREAT loss to the / our cause.
Ernst was born in 1939 in Wildbad, Germany. Since March 1, 2010, when he was released from prison in Germany after his long, long persecution for telling the truth, he has been living (under certain restrictions) back in his Black Forest homeland in Baden-Wurttemberg, prevented from entering the USA.


Jayme Liardi - Let it burn

Various - 167 reads

, 15:48

Jayme Liardi - Let it burn
Jayme Liardi - Hero Generation

The Virtuous Mission
To awaken and enliven the warrior spirit
Videos and Writings


The Native European way

Hero Generation

Tomorrow is ours ! We are the future

Daniel Conversano - Alain Soral au pays des merveilles : la Corée du Nord !

Various - 264 reads

, 12:50

Daniel Conversano - Alain Soral au pays des merveilles : la Corée du Nord !

Merci à Joffrey Marrot pour son aide précieuse.

02:00 : Partie 1, Soral, l'homosexuel
07:27 : Partie 2, Il raconte N'IMPORTE QUOI sur la Corée du Nord
18:14 : Partie 3, Panorama de tout ce qu'il est interdit de faire en Corée du Nord (avec preuves)
26:00 : Partie 4, Soral ment quant il dit qu'il a été reçu comme un invité privilégié. Il a vu la Corée en TOURISTE.


Stéphanie Blète - Soral, le périple d’un pervers narcissique dont la vie n’est qu’un gigantesque canular !

Soral, faux homme du peuple, fils d’un notaire véreux mis en prison pour ses nombreux méfaits,
Soral, de son vrai nom Bonnet, pseudonyme emprunté à sa sœur Agnès qui l’a pistonné alors qu’il galérait à Paris avant qu’il ne se retourne contre elle et l’agonise d’injures, jaloux de son succès cinématographique,
Soral, prétendu patriote à la nationalité franco-suisse, qui, tandis qu’il était jetsetter, s’est fait passer pour fou afin de ne pas accomplir ses obligations militaires (comme son compère Dieudonné qu’on n’a jamais vu faire un footing dans une caserne),
Soral, philosophe sans bac, artiste sans œuvre, passé par les Beaux-Arts sans décrocher de diplôme, sociologue sans études de sociologie, instructeur de boxe sans palmarès ni licence,
Soral, incapable de travailler, ayant vécu les premières années de sa vie à Paris au domicile et au crochet d’un écrivain juif homosexuel dont les parents étaient pleins aux as, avant de devenir antisémite et homophobe quand les deux amis se sont séparés,
Soral, artificiel dragueur de minettes ayant passé sa jeunesse dans les boîtes homos de la capitale (pilier du club gay Le Palace de Fabrice Emaer) où il était connu comme pique-assiette et gigolo occasionnel,
Soral, ancien chroniqueur télé de seconde zone chez Patrick Devret, d’où il s’est fait jeter pour incompétence,
Soral, reporter de guerre au magazine pour minettes « 20 ans » (pseudo : Robert Gros), pigiste à la petite semaine pour « Entrevue » à la rubrique « Rumeurs »,
Soral, cinéaste d’un seul film raté et déprogrammé au bout d’une semaine, inspiré des méthodes de drague d’un de ses amis pigistes,
Soral, auto-proclamé spécialiste de la mode masculine sur laquelle il prétend avoir rédigé un best-seller, en réalité co-écrit par trois auteurs (ce n’est pas lui qui passera à l’émission Apostrophes mais le principal auteur du livre, Hector Obalck),
Soral, auteur de pamphlets décousus aux phrases inspirées de l’esprit des Guignols de l’info et de livres à prétention idéologique, bourrés d’erreurs, dont tous les concepts sont repris chez Marx, Lénine, Freud et Clouscard (droite des valeurs !) et dont il a trouvé les informations principales dans des vidéos glanées sur le Net sans prendre soin d’en vérifier le contenu (gauche du travail !),
Soral, incapable d’articuler une pensée cohérente, passant sans vergogne de l’extrême gauche à la droite radicale et des musulmans aux catholiques pour ratisser large et accumuler un joli pécule,
Soral, spécialiste de Julius Evola et René Guénon qu’il n’a jamais lus,
Soral, don Juan piteux inapte à la discussion correcte avec une fille sans la harceler (et condamné par la justice pour ce fait),
Soral, bad boy en carton-pâte ayant tenté, juste avant de se présenter sur la liste anti-sioniste, d’entrer en franc-maçonnerie,
Soral, mythomane prétendant avoir été en mesure de répondre aux poings d’Olivier Mukuna alors qu’il a pleuré comme un lâche devant témoins lorsque celui-ci lui a proposé un combat à la loyale,
Soral, pétochard réputé dans tout Paris pour avoir fui lors des combats de rues de E&R à ses débuts, et qui, après avoir pris des cours de boxe au Temple du Noble Art de Paris, pour assurer son leadership déclinant, frappe un jeune freluquet lors d’un traquenard arrangé par Dieudonné, avec quatre gardes du corps pour le protéger et empêcher son adversaire de répliquer,
Soral, « l’ami loyal » de Dieudonné, qui demande à son ex-bras droit de coucher avec la femme du comique pour obtenir des informations indiscrètes sur le TMO et les affaires de son allié,
Soral, co-fondateur de E&R dont la seule et unique motivation politique repose sur le deal passé avec le franc-maçon Philippe Péninque, intime de l’escroc Jérôme Cahuzac, et qui consiste à appeler les musulmans à voter pour le FN,
Soral, fin stratège « qui a toujours raison » mais dont la présence-éclair au FN a été la cause du score le plus pitoyable du parti au cours des 20 dernières années,
Soral, analyste politique « visionnaire » qui prophétisait DSK contre Marine Le Pen au second tour de la présidentielle de 2012 et Alain Juppé comme candidat du système en 2017,
Soral, soutien sans réserve de « l’anti-système » Trump, super-sioniste et ami de Netanyahu,
Soral, qui promet de ne pas créer de parti politique pour ne pas mettre la vie de ses membres en danger et en crée un quelques mois plus tard (RecNat), avec Dieudonné, dans l’espoir de lever de nouveaux fonds,
Soral, manipulateur qui fait croire qu’il croule sous les procès pour cause de résistance idéologique alors qu’il les provoque sciemment par des insultes à répétition, ce qui lui permet de récolter des dons lui permettant de s’acheter ses costumes chez les tailleurs anglais, une moto à 70 000 euros et des Rolex,
Soral, prolétaire des beaux quartiers, résidant dans un duplex situé à Saint-Germain-des-Prés,
Soral, faux dur faisant endosser à ses proches la plupart de ses ignominies, ce qui lui permet de les tenir en laisse pour qu’ils taisent les turpitudes de l’association qu’il dirige,
Soral, antiraciste feint qui insulte les Noirs, défenseur fourbe des musulmans, qui vomit l’arabité, antisémite proche de Gilles-William Goldnadel, chrétien qui fait avorter sa petite amie catholique militante, chevalier Bayard qui dort le jour et vit la nuit sur Skype et ne se déplace jamais sans gardes du corps.
Soral, qui récrit la notice qu’Emmanuel Ratier lui a consacrée dans « Faits & Documents » pour se forger une réputation d’intellectuel en guerre contre l’establishment, alors que son histoire est celle de la dérive d’un noctambule narcissique éjecté du milieu de parasites qu’il fréquentait et décidé de gagner sa vie en exploitant le talent d’autrui sans jamais avoir à travailler lui-même.


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