Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth - Movie, Audiobook, PDF


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Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth - Movie, Audiobook, PDF
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This movie is based on an abridgment of Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts. One of the most important and neglected works of political philosophy from the first half of the twentieth century,
The Myth has been made accessible to the scholar and lay person alike as never before. Released under Creative Commons License by The Sunwheel Society in 2016, this film will boldly challenge your understanding of religion, life, politics, and philosophy, requiring you to critically assess its ideas as well as your own.

Created directly from a historical document, The Myth is released with the intention of free philosophical inquiry and an accurate understanding of a deeply influential philosophy that has long been misunderstood, even by those who admire the political system it created. Welcome to a new, deeper understanding of history. Welcome to The Myth !


Alfred Rosenberg - PDF
Alfred Rosenberg - Der mythus des zwanzigsten jahrhunderts
Alfred Rosenberg - El mito del siglo 20
Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth of the 20th Century
Alfred Rosenberg - Le mythe du XXe siècle

Audiobook - MP3
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