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Michael Palmer - Hiroshima revisited

Michael Palmer - Hiroshima revisited
The evidence that napalm and mustard gas helped fake the nuclear bombings

To the witnesses and the scientists who preserved the truth even if they could not tell it

This book examines the scientific and medical evidence to determine whether the conventional story of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be true. It concludes that :
1. no nuclear detonations took place,
2. the cities were destroyed with conventional explosives and napalm,
3. the victims were killed not with radiation but with mustard gas, and also with napalm.

While most of the book deals with the medical and the physical evidence, the final two chapters also examine the wider historic and political implications.

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Michael Palmer - PDF

Revisionism - PDF

No nukes but mustard gas and napalm at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Dr. Teruichi Harada's Japanese version

Thursday 25 April 2024

Michael Palmer - Hiroshima revidiert

Michael Palmer - Hiroshima revidiert
Die beweise für napalm und senfgas anstatt strahlung

Den Zeugen und Wissenschaftlern, die die Wahrheit am Leben hielten, auch wenn sie sie nicht aussprechen konnten

Dieses ist die deutsche Übersetzung von "Hiroshima revisited". Das Buch untersucht die wissenschaftlichen und medizinischen Beweise, um festzustellen, ob die konventionelle Geschichte der Atombombenanschläge von Hiroshima und Nagasaki wahr sein kann. Es kommt zu dem Schluss, dass :
1. keine nuklearen Detonationen stattgefunden haben,
2. Die Städte wurden mit konventionellem Sprengstoff und Napalm zerstört,
3. Die Opfer wurden nicht durch Verstrahlung, sondern mit Senfgas und auch mit Napalm getötet.

Während sich der größte Teil des Buches mit den medizinischen und physikalischen Beweisen befasst, werden in den letzten beiden Kapiteln auch die umfassenderen historischen und politischen Implikationen betrachtet.

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Michael Palmer - PDF

Revisionism - PDF

Friday 8 March 2024

Dale Pendell - Pharmako-Poeia

Dale Pendell - Pharmako-Poeia
Plant powers, poisons, and herb craft

In 'Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell offers a mesmerizing guide to psychoactive plants, from their pharmacological roots to the literary offshoots. "This is a book," writes Gary Snyder, "about danger: dangerous knowledge, even more dangerous ignorance." Against the greater danger, ignorance, Pendell strikes a formidable blow, as he proves himself a wise and witty guide to our plant teachers, their powers and their poisons.

Herbalism - PDF

Sunday 21 January 2024

Ida Honorof - Eleanor McBean - Vaccination the silent killer

Ida Honorof - Eleanor McBean - Vaccination the silent killer
A clear and present danger


I feel most honored that I have been asked to write this foreword and I am most pleased to do it.
The authors have taken on a mammoth task - that of attempting to convince the intelligent members of the public that they have been so consistently lied to and brainwashed by the government and medical practice that they actually believe the myths and fantasies which are endlessly spewing forth from these two "authoritarian" institutions. I put "authoritarian" in quotations since the only authority they actually have with respect to health and disease is what they have concocted for themselves - totally counterfeit authority, and all based on lies, superstitions, barbaric sterile theories, and their lust for personal wealth and power.
The public only believes what it does because no one has been strong enough to reveal the truth by publicly challenging the charlatans with questions and facts which thoroughly refute their claims. Whenever such challenges have been made, they have been squelched by a conspiracy which includes government medical practice, and even the news media and the courts, as we found to our dismay in the 1976 swine flu hoax which we publicly exposed long before the massacre began.
In order to preserve their authoritarian status and simultaneously fill their already over-stuffed pockets with more of the victimized public's money, the following claims have been made by medical practice and supported by moneyhungry, power-hungry and ignorant members of the government in the Executive branch, the Congress, the courts and state and local agencies :

1. Germs, or bacteria, cause disease.
2. Viruses cause disease.
3. Cures for cancer and other diseases are imminent if enough public money is forthcoming.
4. Vaccines can prevent diseases and have virtually wiped out smallpox, polio, measles and others.

These are only a few of the wild claims made by the medicine men, and gullibly swallowed by the public. But I assure the reader, these are all lies and no solid evidence can be produced to support them, while there is abundant evidence to prove them wrong. The claims that drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery can "cure" diseases are absolute lies, as may be witnessed by their absolute failure and incessant changing over the years. The medicine men will violently argue to the contrary for their own self-preservation, but they cannot produce any legitimate support for their argument. There is abundant evidence to prove them wrong.
My space is limited here, so I will use it primarily to present information which should make intelligent people think - those with preconceived opinions, beliefs and prejudices are generally too weak and ignorant to think for themselves and blindly accept what the "doctor" tells them, so this is not for ignorant unthinking people.
First I want to say that there is not, and never has been, even a shred of evidence to prove that germs and viruses can or do cause diseases. The world is literally saturated with bacteria, and if they really "attacked" people the earth's population would have been extinct millions of years ago. The same thing is true of viruses. The medicine men had the public convinced as recently as 100 years ago, and for many centuries before that, that the sole cause of all disease was "evil spirits" - something which couldn't be seen but which "invaded" and "attacked" a person's body. When public skepticism became strong, along came Pasteur with his germs, so the medicine men immediately abandoned the "evil spirits" they had held on to for so long and quickly adopted the "germ theory" (a fairy story) of all diseases, and convinced the public that it was tiny invisible germs which caused all diseases, by "invading" and "attacking" a person's body.
In the early part of the 20th century there was growing public skepticism about the germ theory since intelligent people began to realize that germs were everywhere in abundance and yet the public survived, plus the fact that, in spite of the medical "attacks" on germs, all the old diseases continued to exist with many new diseases arising as well - the numerous iatrogenic diseases caused by the medicine men and their witches' bags of drugs, medicine, vaccines, etc. With this growing scepticism, the medicine men were desperate and, fortunately for them, about that time they discovered viruses - tiny sub-microscopic non-living immotile bits of DNA or RNA packaged in a coat of protein. Viruses became the villains. Viruses are a necessary element of life, as germs and bacteria are, and appear in all living organisms in abundance. If they "attacked," life could not exist.
As extremely small non-living particles without the ability of self-movement (the same as vitamins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, etc.), there is no way for viruses to deliberately harm a living cell or a big collection of cells such as a human body, but the medicine men concocted an unproved and unprovable fairy story that these invisible particles were vicious and malicious and deliberately "attacked" healthy cells to cause most of the diseases which just a few years ago they blamed on germs or bacteria - and remember, just before that the culprits were "evil spirits." WHY they "attack" and HOW they "attack" have never been explained.
Vaccines (poisons) were concocted to "fight" harmless bacteria without success - the only result being the poisoning of the patients (victims) with severe disruption of normal body functions and processes, leading to more severe diseases than that which were being "fought." Then more vaccines were concocted to "fight" harmless viruses with success - the only result again being the production of worse effects than the normal natural beneficial acute symptoms they were trying to present.
The public is thoroughly brainwashed in the virus theory, to the extent that the common excuse for an ailment is that "I've caught a virus" or "I've come down with a virus," But now, since all of their "attacks" on innocent viruses have failed, the medicine men are looking for other villains to blame for disease. They are now toying around with the idea of possession by "evil spirits" again since they cannot find any other culprit.

They claim psychosomatic causes. They are experimenting with acupuncture, used for thousands of years by the Chinese. They are experimenting with herbs, used for thousands of years by the Chinese. They are experimenting with new chemicals and drugs, concocted by the pharmaceutical empire since all of the old ones are absolute failures. They are experimenting with vaccines. And the gullible public furnishes all of the guinea pigs for their experiments. The medicine men and the public refuse to examine that only diet, habits and environment (rarely hereditary) can disrupt the normal health of a person - a matter of unwitting, ignorant, pure self-abuse and medical abuse. To admit this would put an end to medical practice forever. And those who would reveal these facts to the world are condemned by the powerful medical association - and the people who resist any idea that they arc causing their own illnesses by their foolish diets, habits and environmental pollution, since they are addicted to their way of life and don't want to change it.
Diseases of all names are the invention of the medicine men, designed to confuse and frighten the public and set up the medicine men as "authorities," to whom the people must look for help. A particular disease is not an entity as medicine men want you to believe, but the combination of a certain number of specific, simple symptoms (acute diseases), or particular structural effects of persistent abuse of one's body (chronic diseases).
An example of medical hocus-pocus is inflammation. All "-itises" are the same except that they occur in various parts of the body and are given the name of the part that is affected, i.e. bronch-itis, neur-itis, appendic-itis, nephr-itis, arthritis, dermat-itis, burs-itis, col-itis, conjunctiv-itis, polio myel-itis, etc. - all of them being simply inflammation of a specific part of the body. The inflammation (symptom) is the same, but many diseases have been invented to frighten the public. The same has been done with words such as "-osis." You, the public, have been thus frightened, deceived, victimized and conned by the medicine men. There are many "-itis" diseases, they are all simple inflammation, and the inflammation is a consequence of an irritation. It is only necessary to remove the irritation, the cause, and the inflammation or -itis will disappear as if by magic. But the medicine men drug people, adding poisons and contaminants to their already polluted bodies in a purported attempt to compensate for the inflammation without ever knowing or seeking to find out the cause or source of the irritation. This weakens the patient and, even though the inflammation may ultimately vanish as a result of the body's self-healing processes (not because of the drugs but in spite of them), assures more potential business for the medicine men as the result of the damages inflicted by the drugs along with their claims (lies) that the drugs healed the patient.
Among the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people, and perhaps more devastating than the short-lived swine flu hoax of 1976, is the polio hoax. Polio is a collection of mild symptoms experienced by people throughout the world without ever knowing that they had "polio." On rare occasions, when a person became paralyzed, it was called polio, and was highly publicized by the medicine men in order to frighten the public. Parents were (and still are) panicked into a fear that their child would be paralyzed - a condition which might ultimately develop whether in connection with the symptoms of polio or not.
One self-serving charlatan by the name of Jonas Salk produced what he called a vaccine to prevent polio, and the pharmaceutical empire joined with him to flood the country with the vaccine in an attempt to have all children vaccinated. Great fame and profits were in prospect for all involved in this swindle. Government bureaucrats, the lackeys of the powerful medical association and the pharmaceutical empire were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Medical and government propaganda flooded the country and frightened the wits out of parents everywhere who gullibly believed the lie that polio presented a serious threat to their children. Mass "immunization" of children took place, making millions of dollars for the medicine men and the pharmaceutical industry, with great fame for Jonas Salk. This hoax still continues and produces more illness and more patients and more money for the charlatans every time a child is vaccinated. The facts are that polio vaccine never prevented anything except good health for the people who were contaminated with the vaccine poisoning. Medical propaganda and counterfeit statistics prepared by the medical men attempt to convince the gullible public that polio has been virtually wiped out by the vaccination and that all children should continue to be vaccinated - all lies. Other statistics are concealed, principally the fact that with or without vaccinations, all people experience polio symptoms - but the medical men call this the flu, a common cold, or something else, not polio.
The truth is. as I said before, that you and probably everyone else in the world has had "polio" one or more times and has not even known it. Kids, today, still get polio whether or not they have been vaccinated, and they recover without ill effects, and without knowing that they had polio. Those who have been vaccinated have had their bodies polluted by the vaccine and must look forward to a severe acute illness as their bodies eliminate the vaccine poisons or, as the only alternative, they must look forward to chronic illness resulting from permanent damage done by the vaccine poisons.
Usual polio symptoms are fever, headache, nausea-vomiting, irritability, mild muscular pain or stiffness, and sore throat. It may be seen that these same symptoms are also present in influenza, encephalitis, measles, common cold and many other so-called diseases. The public relies on the medicine men to tell them which "disease" they have, although one charlatan may call their symptoms by one name while another charlatan may call them by a different name. If polio is being publicized, the medicine man will call the symptoms polio. If influenza is being publicized he will call the illness influenza. It is all a great hoax and will continue to perpetrate on the gullible public. Remember, polio symptoms never hurt anyone, polio vaccine has maimed millions.
Epidemics are artificially produced by the medicine men with the unwitting but invaluable help of the news media whose people are just as ignorant as the general public, concerning health, disease, and all else pertaining to the human body. When a few people in the same area exhibit similar symptoms, the medicine men "proclaim" an epidemic, which is carried by the news media so that everyone knows about it. From the publicized moment on, the epidemic grows wildly. People are panicked, or psyched, into similar illnesses. Every illness is diagnosed by the medicine men as that of the epidemic disease, whereas normally there would be a large variety of diverse diseases diagnosed. And deaths resulting from all causes are attributed to the "epidemic" disease. The medicine men recommend vaccinations or other bogus treatment, the public desperately complies with great gullibility and becomes sicker through the medical poisoning; a true epidemic of medical poisoning follows, with many deaths and other adverse effects, which the medicine men falsely blame on the "epidemic" disease. The medicine men are very busy and make lots of money together with their pharmaceutical gurus and the massacre continues for a brief period until people's bodies naturally throw off the medical poisons and return to normal, while many sustain permanent damage.

This was exactly the course planned by the government medicine men in the 1976 swine flu hoax. There was never a single case of the bogus swine flu anywhere - the disease itself being the figment of someone's imagination. Other illnesses were proclaimed as swine flu, and deaths were even attributed to it. The medicine men conned other super-ignorant public officials into supporting the hoax, including the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, members of Congress and President Gerald Ford. The news media fell into line as usual. But this time there were a few, very few, skeptics and outspoken people who knew the true nature of such hoaxes, myself included. Fortunately, there was no mass illness of any kind in 1976 except among those who received a swine flu vaccination; otherwise, had there been a preponderance of flu-like illnesses, the hoax may have succeeded. Unfortunately for the victims, but fortunately for the millions of people who refused the vaccine, there were many deaths and cases of paralysis resulting from the vaccine (not from swine flu), and the pressures from lawsuits, mainly mine and the author's, and publicity concerning the fate of the victims forced the termination of the mass vaccination plan before a truly massive disaster occurred.
In the long sordid history of medicine, the medicine men have never produced even a single cure of any disease, nor prevented any disease through their barbaric practices, in spite of all medical claims (lies) to the contrary. A case in point is that of the bubonic plague which was wide-spread in the dark ages, killing millions of people and spreading fear throughout the rest of the population. This plague arose spontaneously as a result of poor living conditions, physical abuses, dietary abuses, filthy environmental conditions, predominance of destructive habits such as alcohol drinking, and the unbelievable barbarism of the medicine men at the time. The medicine men were admittedly helpless to prevent the spread of plague even though they tried all manner of witchcraft (potions, surgery, etc.) which actually contributed to the disaster.
But, without any medical help, the disease finally subsided by itself as the normal and natural physiological purging of the people was completed, together with improved environmental conditions. This is the case with all acute diseases, rising and subsiding spontaneously in cycles which are determined by the living conditions of the affected group of people. If the medicine men had had a vaccine in those days they would have taken credit for the elimination of the plague even though it ended of itself; and they were not sophisticated enough at that time to con the public into believing they were responsible for ending the plague. Today's medicine men are more sophisticated in conning the people, and are quick to take credit for anything that may benefit them, even though they may not be involved in any way. They are also shrewd enough and organized enough to convince the public that they are not responsible for adverse events which they actually produce with their modern witchcraft. This can be documented by the thousands, or millions, of drug, medicine, radiation and surgical deaths and disabilities each year - deliberate murder in many cases - which the medicine men are responsible for, but which they have conned the public to believe was not their fault.
The point I am trying to make is that environmental conditions, dietary and other habits, hygiene, the general way of life of the people, and bad medical abuses are the major contributing factors in disease. If the people's physical condition deteriorates from unhealthy practices, diseases will occur. These diseases will be somewhat different but with similar symptoms from year to year and from place to place, depending on the way of life of particular groups of people, as the natural purging and self-healing processes of human bodies function according to nature.
Flu-like, polio-like, measles-like, cold-like, and other diseases rise and fall in cycles. All the medicine men in the world cannot prevent these occurrences in spite of all of their vaccines and other barbaric things in their witchcraft bag of tricks. These acute illnesses will, and must occur periodically as part of nature's cleansing processes when people's bodies become severely contaminated... The medicine men's interference with these symptoms through introduction of more poisons into one's body in the form of vaccines or other drugs and medicines, only postpones the inevitable and, if persisted in, leads to ultimate chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and others, as the body deteriorates as a result of this medical interference, and abuse which prevents the normal cleansing and self-healing processes from proceeding naturally.
Left alone, without any medical interference, the world's population would be far healthier than it is today. The mild cleansing cycles of acute symptoms such as flu, polio, cold, measles, etc. would proceed normally and fatal chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease would diminish to insignificance. The blame for all chronic diseases and many acute diseases can he placed squarely on medical practices of today. Paradoxically, those who purport to cure diseases are the actual ones who produce them. As the medicine men modify their practices, so does the state of the world's health deteriorate. Any intelligent person can determine this for himself by just looking at the medical record and the world health record of the past few hundred years with particular emphasis on the past 100 years.

The facts remain for anyone who is interested enough and intelligent enough to examine them :

1. Evil spirits, germs and viruses do not cause disease - there is not one shred of evidence to implicate any of them in spite of medical unproved lies to the contrary.
2. Diet, habits, environment and medical practices are the only major contributing factors to a person's health or illness - health or disease is self-induced.
3. There is no way that drugs, medicines, chemicals, radiation, vaccines or surgery can prevent or cure diseases.
4. The medical claims that such diseases as small-pox, measles, and polio have been eliminated, are unproved lies using false statistics specifically designed to deceive the public.
5. All symptoms are natural, albeit anomalous, responses of a human organism to abuses - either self-induced or medically-induced abuses.
6. To prevent a symptom or interfere with it is the same as preventing urination, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing. All of these physiological processes, including symptoms, are simply designed to eliminate wastes, toxins and contaminants from a living organism.

I wish the authors great success with their endeavor and hope that millions of people will awaken to the truth as the result of this book.

Lewis E. Cook, Jr.

Eleanor McBean - The poisoned needle
Vaccination - PDF

Sunday 14 January 2024

Eleanor McBean - The poisoned needle

Eleanor McBean - The poisoned needle
Suppressed facts about vaccinations

This is the classic anti-vaccination bible ! Eleanor McBean - an anti-vaccination activist, researcher and author, created one of the best sources for truth on the vaccination issue.
Cold hard facts and many studies, examples, charts, photos and proofs are included in this very important work. "Physicians have been looking in the wrong direction for the cure of disease. The cause of disease is stubbornly ignored and the seeds for more disease are sown with the use of vaccination. This infusion of poison into the masses only serves to intensify the disease in some cases, suppress the symptoms in others, and create new and more serious disease. Thus, the simple diseases of the past have devolved into the horrors of the present-our terrifying and expanding crop of "killer diseases".

Eleanor McBean has accumulated compelling evidence regarding the vaccination of the masses, the role of politics and profit, and reasons we should reject The Poisoned Needle.

Ida Honorof - Eleanor McBean - Vaccination the silent killer
Vaccination - PDF