Saturday 23 March 2024

FSB false flag attack in Moscow - 22-03-2024 - Denys Davydov

FSB false flag attack in Moscow - 22-03-2024 - Denys Davydov
A very strange attack on Crocus Moscow concert hall - Is FSB responsible?

The terrorist attack in Moscow is a planned and deliberate provocation of the Russian special services on the instructions of Putin, - GUR
The leadership of the Russian Federation may accuse Ukraine of organizing the terrorist attack. In this way, Putin wants to justify even tougher strikes on Ukraine and total mobilization in Russia.
The GUR notes that the free movement of militants with assault rifles in the center of Moscow, as well as other evidence, indicate that the shooting was organized by Russian special services.
Ukrainian intelligence service

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Friday 19 January 2024

Ralph Townsend - Ways that are dark

Ralph Townsend - Ways that are dark
The truth about China

Ways that are dark : The truth about China is a 1933 non-fiction book by Ralph Townsend which presents Townsend's observations on the state of then-contemporary China. The book is considered an anti-Chinese polemic by scholars.

A harsh critique of Chinese society and culture, Ways that are dark was written at a time when China was in the grip of considerable civil strife. Townsend claimed that the source of China's problems lay in fundamental defects in the ethnic characteristics of the Chinese people. Although the book was a bestseller in the United States, it met with highly polarized reactions from its supporters and detractors..
Though praised by some periodicals, it was denounced by missionaries and sinologists, including Owen Lattimore who condemned it as "a general indictment of a whole race". It was banned by the government of China.

After World War II, the book fell into obscurity. It was reprinted in 1997 by the white nationalist publisher Barnes Review and subsequently gained renewed popularity in Japan in 2004 when a Japanese translation was published.

Ways that are dark is based on its author's experience of living in China for more than one year. Townsend had worked as a journalist and educator in New York before joining the United States Foreign Service on 16 December 1930. He served as a vice-consul in Shanghai between 10 December 1931 and 9 January 1932 and then in Fuzhou until 1 March 1933. The book was released on 10 November 1933 by G. P. Putnam's Sons.

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Tuesday 16 January 2024

El Paraíso Verde - Escaping a cult and living free - Tyro Nolan

El Paraíso Verde - Paraguay
Escaping a cult and living free - Tyro Nolan
Disco Orpheus - The Tyro Experience 033

El Paraíso Verde (Spanish for The Green Paradise) is a gated community in the Caazapá Department of Paraguay. It was founded by Erwin Annau and his wife Sylvia, who are both from Austria. As of March 2022, its population is about 250, mostly German language-speaking immigrants from Germany and Austria, with some Americans and Canadians present. The community is planned as a settlement for 6,000 people and may expand to more than 20,000 people, according to its marketing materials. The community bills itself as a refuge from socialism, 5G, chemtrails, fluoridated water, and mandatory vaccinations.

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