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Friday, January 4 2019

Eric Dubay is on Minds, Gab and Bitchute

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Eric Dubay is on Minds.com, Gab.ai and Bitchute.com

I am a 35 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while fighting the New World Order.


Polaris Proves the Flat Earth

NASA and modern astronomy say the Earth is a giant globe spinning 1,000 mph around its central axis, traveling 67,000 mph circles around the Sun, spiraling 500,000 mph around the Milky Way, while the entire galaxy rockets a ridiculous 670,000,000 mph through the Universe, with all of these motions originating from an alleged “Big Bang” cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago. That’s a grand total of 670,568,000 mph in several different directions we’re all supposedly speeding along at simultaneously. No one has ever seen, felt, heard, measured or proven such motion, yet the vast majority of people unquestioningly accept that the clearly motionless Earth beneath their feet is actually moving over six hundred million miles per hour !

Alex Gleason - Is the bible from heaven ? Is the earth a globe ?
Thomas Winship - Zetetic cosmogony
David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma
Eric Dubay - 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball
Eric Dubay - The flat-earth conspiracy
Frederick Henry Cook - The terrestrial plane


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Monday, November 5 2018

Eric Dubay - Flat Earth - Fact vs. Theory

The flat earth is the mother of all conspiracies theories

Eric Dubay - Flat Earth - Fact vs. Theory
Thanks to NeoHumanEve for remixing my video "Flat Earth is Not a Conspiracy Theory," into this excellent easily-sharable introductory to this mind-blowing topic. If this is your first time coming across this subject, please do yourself and the world a favor by reading / watching the following links:

Introduction to Flat Earth
The History of Flat Earth
200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

The Earth Plane
Download the PDF - Buy the paper version of the book on Lulu.com

Eric Dubay - PDF
The Atlantean Conspiracy

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Wednesday, June 13 2018

The case for Flat Earth - ODDTV

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The Case for Flat Earth - ODD TV Presentation
This is my flat earth international conference presentation that I made, but never put to use because I didn't go.

How Seasons Work on Flat Earth

In the Flat-Earth model, the Sun and Moon luminaries revolve around the Earth once every 24 hours illuminating like spotlights the areas over which they pass. The Sun’s annual journey from tropic to tropic, solstice to solstice, is what determines the length and character of days, nights and seasons. This is why equatorial regions experience almost year-round summer and heat while higher latitudes North and especially South experience more distinct seasons with harsh winters.

The heliocentric model claims seasons change based on the ball-Earth’s alleged “axial tilt” and “elliptical orbit” around the Sun. Their flawed current model even places us closest to the Sun (91,400,000 miles) in January when its actually winter, and farthest from the Sun (94,500,000 miles) in July when its actually summer throughout much of the Earth. They say due to the ball-Earth’s tilt, different places receive different amounts of direct sunlight and that is what produces the seasonal and temperature changes. This makes little sense, however, because if the Sun’s heat travels over ninety million miles to reach the ball-Earth, how could a slight tilt, a mere few thousand miles maximum, negate the Sun’s ninety million mile journey, giving us simultaneous tropical summers and Antarctic winters ?

“The earth is a stretched-out structure, which diverges from the central north in all directions towards the south. The equator, being midway between the north center and the southern circumference, divides the course of the sun into north and south declination. The longest circle round the world which the sun makes, is when it has reached its greatest southern declination. Gradually going northwards the circle is contracted. In about three months after the southern extremity of its path has been reached, the sun makes a circle round the equator. Still pursuing a northerly course as it goes round and above the world, in another three months the greatest northern declination is reached, when the sun again begins to go towards the south. In north latitudes, when the sun is going north, it rises earlier each day, is higher at noon and sets later; while in southern latitudes at the same time, the sun as a matter of course rises later, reaches a lesser altitude at noon and sets earlier. In northern latitudes during the southern summer, say from September to December, the sun rises later each day, is lower at noon and sets earlier; while in the south he rises earlier, reaches a higher altitude at noon, and sets later each day. This movement round the earth daily is the cause of the alternations of day and night; while his northerly and southerly courses produce the seasons. When the sun is south of the equator it is summer in the south and winter in the north; and vice versa. The fact of the alternation of the seasons flatly contradicts the Newtonian delusion that the earth revolves in an orbit round the sun. It is said that summer is caused by the earth being nearest the sun, and winter by its being farthest from the sun. But if the reader will follow the argument in any text book he will see that according to the theory, when the earth is nearest the sun there must be summer in both northern and southern latitudes; and in like manner when it is farthest from the sun, it must be winter all over the earth at the same time, because the whole of the globe-earth would then be farthest from the sun!!! In short, it is impossible to account for the recurrence of the seasons on the assumption that the earth is globular and that it revolves in an orbit around the sun.”
Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (124-125)

Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (85 and 231)

Flat Earth is not a Conspiracy Theory - Eric Dubay
The following video is a brief introduction to the many observable, testable, repeatable, scientific facts of our level motionless plane Earth that have been marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries, in favor of various unobservable, untestable, unscientific theories purporting we live on a tilting, wobbling, spinning, ball-shaped Earth.

Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the facts of the matter are far from what you have been told. It is a fact, not a theory, that bodies of water always seek and find their own level, from a beaker, a bottle, or a bathtub, to a pond, lake or an ocean, the natural physics of water and other liquids is to find and remain level. It is an unproven, unscientific theory with no observable, measurable, or repeatable evidence, to claim that bodies of water can somehow bend, cling to the exterior of shapes, and show convexity upon their surface. It is a fact that the majority of Earth is covered in such level water, thus making it an unscientific theory to postulate that Earth is actually a gigantic sphere with bendy oceans curving all the way around it.

The Flat Earth awakening on Barcroft TV - Nathan Thompson & ODD TV

The lie we Live - Best Flat Earth interview ever - Eric Dubay

Flat Earth - PDF
Eric Dubay - Youtube

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Friday, May 11 2018

ITV - Immigration de masse : ou comment supprimer Le "Blanc" !

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ITV - Immigration de masse : ou comment supprimer Le "Blanc" !

Depuis six ans, un regain massif d'immigration illégale envahit l'Europe, suite au conflit syrien, aux prétextes inventés de toutes pièces. Ne vous méprenez pas. Cela fait partie du plan, celui des cabalistes, dont l'objectif final est l'extinction de la population blanche européenne. Ni plus ni moins.

Flat Earth - PDF

ITV - Test laser au lac Balaton

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Zehnor - La noble tradition millénaire, remède au fallacieux et vulgaire New Age

Zehnor - La logique aristotélicienne détruit la philosophie de l'anti-réalisme ambiant

Sunday, May 6 2018

Frederick Henry Cook - The terrestrial plane


Frederick Henry Cook - The terrestrial plane
Audiobook on AldebaranVideo
The true figure of the Earth. Accurately and scientifically demonstrated

In the interest of preserving for posterity the wealth of flat Earth knowledge and research done during the late 19th and early 20th century, I am presenting a series of audio/videobook and PDF downloads to make them more easily and widely available. Today's selection is Frederick Cook's 1908 book "The Terrestrial Plane."

Flat Earth - PDF
Eric Dubay - Bitchute

The Savoisien
The Savoisien - Lenculus
Exegi monumentum aere perennius