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Sedition, USSA Style - Peter Peters

Sedition, USSA Style
Peter Peters


Sedition - USSA Style (Peter Peters).avi (502.82 MB)


This was the first documentary film produced by "Scriptures for America" of LaPorte Colorado (ministered by Peter J. Peters) in 1988, and was actually made by his wife Cheri Peters !  (deceased 1998)

It begins with pastor Peters introducing the reasons why his wife Cheri felt a strong burden to produce this documentary which is a GREAT expose' on the little known "Sedition trial" that occurred during the Summer of 1988 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

There have only been 3 such trials in all of American history !!  It includes interviews of many of the people (both defendants and lawyers) that were involved, and even one person who had been indicted in the "great sedition trail" of 1944...

This film is 68 minutes in length, and has a quality of about A9 / V8


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