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How We Will Win

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How We Will Win
On the failures of the WN Movement and how we can overcome them.

I’ve given a great deal of thought to how White Nationalists will thrive and survive until a new day graces the American continent.  Thereby, I will discuss what does and what doesn’t work in modern America, and what we can do in the future.

The genesis for this article came about around the same time Edgar Steele wrote his article entitled “Let’s Get Small.”i  I’ve had similar thoughts on this topic, and now they will be laid out for White posterity.

The first thing that any realistic White Nationalist must realize is this nation will collapse.

I dislike having to say this, let alone inviting the readers to ponder the consequences of a Russian-style economic and political meltdown, yet we must face facts at all times.  Within 10 years, no more than 20 at the most, this nation will see catastrophic upheavals that we haven’t seen since the Civil War.  We must prepare in advance for this eventuality, lest we suffer the consequences of getting caught with our pants down.

The reasons for this are legion (jobs going offshore forever; nothing coming back but cheap Chinese junk at Wal-Mart; declining real wages while corporate profits and top CEO incomes skyrocket; anti-White policies in hiring and advancement that further hinder global competitiveness; erosion of our collective national ability to innovate vis-a-vis offshoring; unfettered immigration straining infrastructure and environment, the forthcoming “North American Union,” etc.), but the cause is relatively simple.  In plain English, the Western governments actively hate their own base population streams.  A culturally homogeneous population is relatively easy to govern and not quite prone to the schisms that in the past visited, say, late-term ancient Rome, Egypt, or India when they went full multi-cult.  On the other hand, it’s not possible for the government to completely pull the wool over the eyes of the masses when the people are of a relatively unified mindset, and this makes selling adverse political policies and suicidal wars a somewhat difficult proposition.

Put plainly, an all-White nation simply isn't profitable to certain special interests.

Herein lies the government’s power-play: The old game of divide-and-conquer, or more accurately, the perpetual playing of one group or ethnic block off against another.  Human history has shown us that when multiple races, cultures, religions, ethnic groups are living together in the same physical territory, conflict of one sort or another eventually comes up.  With our economy rotting itself from the bottom up (because the leadership caste has rotted itself from the top down), we can also expect this tottering economy to similarly collapse from the ground up, with the strong potential for the entire pyramid of the national structure collapsing downward into the cesspool of third world nation.

Multi-culti is great for rotten governments and rat politicians because :

(a) Endless immigration waters down the labor pool, making the cost of business cheaper and thereby pleasing the business constituents.

(b) Immigrants and non-Whites constitute a permanent underclass that heavily burdens the state with crime, poverty, and disease, and thus they make permanent clients of the welfare state.

(c) This swarming colored underclass will obviously fail to assimilate in any appreciable form, thus allowing the government to conveniently take away more freedoms from everyone under the pretense of maintaining domestic tranquility when the various ethnic factions begin predictably warring with one another.

(d) Multi-culti allows ZOG to push forth any kind of atrocious, freedom-destroying legislation it wants without serious opposition, because there is no solid majority at any point in time that cares enough to set aside past grievances with the other groups to oppose such governmental corruption.

Multi-culti is fostered quite “undemocratically” and without consent on an unwitting populace. This is helped by the mental pollution of a mass media that is better at spreading disinformation and trivia than critically examining real causes and concerns.  The fact that the leading intellectuals of the time cannot selflessly second-guess their beloved social engineering theories that have resulted in the aforementioned troubles speaks legions of their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

And so it goes. As the late Dr. Pierce said, we’re well past the point of voting ourselves out of this mess.  The time is long since past us where a nationalist political party, or the mass flyer drops and distribution of literature, the strongly worded letters to the editor, the endless lectures, rallies, meetings, voter drives, political candidates, etc. could have achieved any kind of serious results.


Now, as far as reactions and solutions from “The Movement” allow me to make perfectly clear here what I mean as far what doesn't work.  Plainly put, the “Movement” has failed.  In the last 4 or 5 decades – or more! – the efforts of organizing, rallying, and writing for itsy-bitsy pro-White and/or White Nationalist political parties has gone completely nowhere, nor has upholding the truth or pointing a finger at the enemy hitherto generated any kind of tangible outrage in sufficient numbers of White people to turn this rotten regime around and restore it to sanity and order.

Why not?  Simple: there are three main things in this world that people acknowledge and respect.  The first is a show of raw power, an open display of unbridled force.  Think: the military and its related pomp, ceremony, and parades, but also consider the more direct actions of an entity like the mafia.  The second is something that puts bread on the table at the end of the day; hence, a job.  The third thing is the happy, feel-good pap that makes the stupid lemmings smile to hear, such as the Sunday-morning god-fix.

Currently, the “Movement” offers absolutely none of above.

Moreover, any lemming will simply look at you and ask himself why he would want to entertain the tangible social risks associated with joining the latest WN petty social club.  There's too many downsides currently and no upside except being on the inside track for the conspiracy-of-the-month club.  (Don't worry: if you can prove yourself competent and successful, that's half the battle there; the other half will come quite naturally when the working classes come to you looking for solutions once they realize they've been sold up the river and nobody in this rotten pig system will save them.)

Further, the little lemmings picking up “Movement” leaflets, however truthful, are yawning and scratching their asses on a Saturday morning after spending a night out on the town drinking with their buddies, or staying up late watching a game show, drama, sitcom, and prototypical ball game.  They care nothing more about the problems of the jew, the double-standards of the media, or the hidden facts of black-on-White crime than they do about the current advertisements for jeans and cologne.  They both exist for the same few milliseconds in their minds before they wander back to their typical fare: gabbing with the girlfriends, watching those all-important ball games, and consuming fast food garbage.

This is the life of the lemming, and lemmings never have and never will “rise up” and throw off their shackles, or purposely make the world a better place through either radical action or traditional politics; that is instead reserved for a small minority of the people with real vision, a solid view of history (taking into account the reality of race) and genuine political instincts. Besides, there’s no easy “one-button” solution simplistic enough for the lemmings to comprehend.

Forget them; the intelligent ones with any tangible degree of potential and perception will come to you once they've been kicked around enough.  The rest will fall by the wayside or wither on the vine, as Nature intends for the dull or unimaginative.


Now, having isolated what does not work, the obvious remaining question is: What does work ?

If we are to become successful, we will have to change.  We must change, repair, resurrect, and improve ourselves first before we can go about saving the world.  We must work and work very hard to make ourselves successful so we can build our own financially self-supporting organization, think-tanks, PACs, etc., which will pave the way for White provisional governments when this country fractures and the government implodes, Afghanistan-style.  As apocryphal as it is to quote him, I'll cite Gandhi as a successful reformer where he once said, “We must become the change we wish to see.” 

What follows is a short list of fourteen points whereby we might regain control of our collective destinies.

1) Make thyself personally successful.  I can’t stress this enough.  As bad as things will get in the future, try to get yourself into a position now or in the immediate future where you have enough money and resources that you can help yourself and your family get through an extended period of rough times.  Having more capital on hand means being better able to position yourself when the worst comes to pass.  Invest your money in some worthwhile project, become your own boss and start your own business, do anything at all, so in the worst case you at least have some way of putting ends together in the event .  Real estate may be a good idea depending on where you live and what the business environment is like.

2) Focus on the family.  Forget the TV, the bar-hopping, and the pool tournaments, but instead make your family your hobby and work with them to forge a cohesive unit that can survive what is coming.  Husbands and wives ought to make their respective spouses into their best friend and work with them to strengthen him or her so he/she can carry burdens ahead. We aren't going to get from Point A to Point B by hanging around a bunch of angry drunkards in the local watering hole or getting loaded up on cheap beer at that one guy's garage; we go home to the family each night, so a decent and effective effort should be made to see that they are your first priority as much as possible.  This will pay handsome dividends in the long run.

3) Homeschool. Whether it is forced busing, mandatory diversity inculcation, “holocaust” indoctrination, homosexual recruitment efforts disguised as sexual education, or scheming educrats scrambling for as much public monies as possible to fund one specious and unlikely social experiment after another, you can rest well assured that the politicians in charge of the education and maintenance of your children's most influential years are not going to have the best interests of you or your children at heart as they embark on yet another scheme or scam.

Getting your children out of public schools gets them away from socialized education where they are subject to the whims of unassailable government bureaucrats, and it cuts off their funding of from the federal government.  Homeschooling puts control of both your values and your progeny firmly back in your hands, and additionally keeps your kids away from the degeneracy, disease, drugs, riffraff, and chaos that is oozing itself rapidly into each and every neighborhood.  It creates young adults that are independent minded as opposed to slavishly acquiescing toward petty authority, intelligently educated as opposed to massively indoctrinated, and capable of intelligently solving the problems that life presents versus locking up mentally or running for an “authority” to make it all better.ii  Homeschooled children become better citizens when you short circuit the brainwashing of the pig system.

Teach also your progeny that we are at war with segments of our own people who actively hate everything we work or stand for, who hate us for being what we are, and– ultimately– they hate us for being White.  Tell your children that we will find no salvation through multi-cult or miscegenation, or the gibberish of mainstream organized religion for those roads lead to sheep-like self-destruction. 

When your offspring ultimately come to realize that the way forward in life will come from believing in themselves and aligning with like-minded members of their tribe, working hard, and working in a happier, Whiter society, you will be able to stand back and  relish in the success of not only completing one of the hardest tasks a modern White family can undertake, but also doing it the smart way. 

4) Get yourself in shape.  By “in shape,” I mean some shape other than “round.”  Get yourself fighting-fit, and try to focus on some mixed martial arts at the same time (punches and kicks, but also grappling and ground-fighting).  Put yourself in a position where you and your family can reasonably defend yourselves against lightly armed attackers even if you yourself are at a disadvantage. 

Get a proper diet, and by doing so, put your health into a position where your dependence on medications and prescriptions is minimized.  The Creators have a “Salubrious Livingiii” program, which is a very solid diet to acquire where destructive processed foods are cut out entirely, and more natural and wholesome food replace them.  Take this and couple it with a bit of cardiovascular exercise, some mixed martial arts, and wrestling skills, add little weight lifting for good measure, and you have yourself a solid, balanced fitness lifestyle.

5) Improve your mind.  At any available spare moment you should push yourself to excel and improve your skill set. 

I'll go so far as to argue that certain books should be on everyone's shelf and absolutely must be read and taken to heart as a vehicle for genuine self-improvement.  Books like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Lead the Field, Think and Grow Rich, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad ought to be read before you read anything else.  After consuming these titles, pursue reading material that improves the areas of your intellect that you know are deficient.  Perhaps this means history, science, mathematics, biology, etc., or any field where you know you ought to improve to round out your intellect but you have neglected to do so. 

If you find you have little free time to crack a book open, first invest in a speed reading book or course.iv  The time saved by developing and maintaining this skill will more than cover the investment in time you put into it, plus it also will pay handsome dividends in your professional career.  Another idea is to shut of the radio when driving the daily commute and listen to an audiobook or lecture.v  Instead of listening to the same tired old tunes you've heard for years, you can use this time much more productively to expand your intellect in positive dimensions.  Plus, audiobook editions of all of the above titles can be easily acquired online if you know where to look.

6) Shut off the jew media. First, shut off the TV for the last time, then ditch the “news”papers and scrap the periodical subscriptions.  There is nothing you can learn by digging through thick, sludgy layers of media lies and deceit that you cannot pick up faster and more in-depth by getting on the Internet.  The media will tell you only what they want you to know, and what little of it they will tell you, you can rest assured, will be loaded with fabrication and prevarications to the point and level where you would reach the logical opposite conclusion if you didn't have their malign influence.

The media exists entirely to disinform, to mislead, and to steer you toward their forgone conclusions and their predisposed reactions.  When you cut them off from your life, you permanently prevent them from deceiving you, and you can finally clear your mind and make rational decisions more easily. 

Try a simple change of regimen where you do without any television watching at all for a set period of time, say two weeks.  Observe and revel in the improvement of your mind and the sharpening of your mental faculties.  Television has been proven to have hypnotic, warping, and addictive effects on the human brainvi, therefore destroying its influence is the first step you must take if you are to truly free your mind.

7) Prepare for the worstvii.  Prepare to survive under extremely adverse conditions.  Learn skills that will allow you to survive should some portions of the nation's economy or infrastructure collapse.  Provide yourself and your clan with the know-how, tools, and training they need to be as self-sufficient as possible, and the big areas to focus on are developing your own independent sources of food, water, and electricity.  Look into alternative home-building materials and home structures, which would be more energy efficient, easier to build, and more affordable.viii

The notion of a Pioneer Little Europe community sounds like a nice idea, but in order for it to flourish, it must be in an environment where it will not be attacked during the formative phases.  This means it must be located in a relatively pristine rural environment in some part of the nation or world where it will be solidly all-White once this crap heap regime finally implodes upon itself and must be relatively free of anti-White influences during the early stages.  Any heavily integrated and/or urban area will become very hot in short order.  Thomas Chittnum states it best in his monumental book Civil War 2 : 

"In Civil War II your survivability factor will be determined much as the cost of real estate: Location! Location! Location! THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME OF CIVIL WAR II IS THE PARTITION OF CURRENT AMERICA INTO SEVERAL NEW ETHNICALLLY BASED NATIONS. When the war breaks out and the country breaks down, you want to be already living safe and sound in THE NEW NATION CARVED OUT BY YOUR TRIBE, so move there as soon as your circumstances allow.

But don't drop everything and head for Idaho today; there is no need for rash action. You still have some years in which to arrange your affairs to your advantage. And if you play your cards right, YOU WILL MINIMIZE THE IMPACT OF THE WAR ON YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. IT'S ACES AND EIGHTS FOR AMERICA, BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY FOR YOU.”

Sound advice indeed.  Act upon it as soon as you possibly can.

8) Save money :  Whether you make a load of cash or just enough to get by, devise a budget and stick to it.  Find ways to trim the fat from your finances and opt for a more frugal lifestyle. 
Frugal doesn't mean poverty-ridden, though.  I'll argue that owning a sizable tract of arable land in a semi-isolated area coupled with a smaller house and a more fuel-efficient vehicle is the best long-range investment of wealth as opposed to the overpriced McMansion in the posh neighborhood with the gargantuan SUV.  The pricier but nicer lifestyle has a funny habit of becoming a boat anchor dragging you down when things turn sour. 

The biggest thing you can do right now to elevate yourself financially is to pay down what debts you have now as rapidly as possible and avoid gathering new ones.  Debt and usury are the shackles that keep you from walking freely with your head up.  Double or triple the payments if necessary but get out of debt ASAP, in any way you possibly can.

Also, look around your living environment and ask yourself if you really, truly need all of the things you have.  We tend to accumulate a lot of junk in our travels through life that don't really give us the long-range return-on-investment that we thought they would when we originally bought them.  If you can't justify keeping it, downsize and rid yourself of the knick-knacks.  You will be just as happy without them living a simpler lifestyle and will find yourself more agile when it comes time to react and move with the changing tides of the forthcoming political decay.

9) Don’t waste time on passing out fliers and literature.  Again, if any political traction could have been achieved in the last could decades by putting out enough paper to have a ticker-tape parade seven times over, we would have seen results by now.  Advertising and pointing out the problem (and problem-makers) isn't a bad idea in and of itself, but don't hyperfocus on it. 

The better approach is probably one-on-one discussions with trusted friends and associates, with plenty of information, books, and sources to back up your viewpointsix.  Start small and build up your credibility slowly by talking about the problems today, then work toward offering some solutions and finally suggest a worldview.  In short, focus on being an ambassador of White Nationalism and develop good speaking and talking skills toward those endsx.  You won't get a mass of numbers this way, but you definitely will get better quality and less hanger-ons.

10) Avoid drawing attention to yourself.  Keep your nose to the grindstone and avoid any kind of illicit activities, large or small.  There will come a time when the law means nothing, and obedience to the law will no longer guarantee either protection from the government or freedom.  The day will come when the laws will only be applied to those who try to obey the laws, and the genuinely innocent will suffer just as much – if not more so – than the guilty.  When that time arrives for each and every one of us, it will serve as a cue start acting and make the enemies of the White working classes feel the pain.

That time is not now, however. So until it rolls around make yourself useful and keep yourself out of the clink. Don't throw your life away on some minor revenge, petty hatred, drunken stupidity, or foolish jealousy.  Thicken your skin to stone, stay low, and stay off the radar of the pig system.  You will be called to duty later, and your invaluable services will be desperately required to throw off the shackles of this rotten regime and create a new White homeland for White people and White people alone.

11) Avoid WN “political parties.”  These entities aren't even real political parties so much as they are dues-paying social clubs, but they are always too full of rats, moles, and nuts for their own good.  They repeatedly blow up or self-destruct in the end because of petty political squabbles, and someone runs off with that all-important membership listxi and gives it to the feds because they get pissed off at so-and-so for some stupid reason.  More squabbling and petty posturing occurs here than real action, and there is no action that needs a large group to do what a small set of dedicated people cannot afford on their own.  Further, the enemy can easily see you coming if you’re attached to a large membership party. 

If you need inspiration, insight, and wisdom, you will find it in appropriate locations online, and/or you can get the same education by reading a handful of books. 

In short, there will be no “mail-order revolution,” the requisite nationalist parties will arise after (or during) the conflicts that are on the horizon begin, and now is simply premature to sign your life away on the dotted line.  Don't waste your time, energy, money, or life by getting sucked in to that clichéd and failed Old Right Wing approach that has led us down one political cul-de-sac and dead end alley after another for decades.

12) Avoid consolidation plans.  These are usually nothing more than hollow gimmicks put out be a few self-serving hucksters in this business.  Furthermore, consolidation of any kind makes that group an easier target, a la Waco, Texas.  Big paramilitary bunkers with plenty of bodies are easy targets; the small cells or Lone Wolves are nearly impossible to stop because they are nearly impossible to track if they don't screw up before acting.

This isn't to be confused with needing to move in general, and for any number of reasons, you may wish or desire to uproot and move.  As mentioned earlier, you want to be in the area of the forthcoming White nation before the world comes tumbling down and not be forced to flee that way afterward.

Further, you might consolidate and find yourself in a town where everyone hates your group and would like nothing more than to see those big, bad jackbooted pigs bust down your door and fill you full of lead for some petty legal technicality.  They might be White neighbors, but they might still hate “nazis.”

The nail that sticks up gets pounded down.  Don't stick up.

13) Study and Emulate Successful Revolutionaries :  If we are to become successful, the tired old games of politicking to “change the system from within the system” must be viewed as the failure it is.  The system is too calcified for any real, meaningful change and far too old and corrupt to enable a return to justice even if it wanted to. 

However, throughout history certain enterprising individuals have managed to climb to the top of the rat heap and plant their flag and their ideals, pushing all other contenders aside.  They are the Maos, the Lenins, the Stalins, but also the Naopleons, the the Bismarks, the Sun Tsus of the world.  How did they do it?  How did they build and maintain popular support?  How did they carry themselves personally?  How did they interact with their peers and lieutenants?  How did the revolutionary leaders in Nicaragua, Algeria, and Vietnam succeed given their circumstances and challenges?  What lessons did they teach that we can borrow and apply to our present – and future – conditions?  This is a course of study that demands more than a bit of investigation from any intrepid WN with high ambitions.

A contemporary example from which we might borrow a page is the Irish Republican Army, starting with the Easter Uprising in 1916 up until they voluntarily disarmed around the turn of the millennium.  While keeping grass-roots support and putting on a good public face through assorted institutions and charities, they surgically assassinated key opposition figures and British stooges, managed their supply lines, generated income, and acquired the necessary resources while others kept in touch with POWs and supported the families of those held in the gulags.

For our part, we must adopt a similar approach: we need the above-ground institutions, think tanks, and pressure groups, but we also need the below-radar shadow warriors who are all too willing to get the proverbial hands dirtyxii.  As we inevitably bend ourselves along these lines and throw off the old, failed ideas, we draw closer to victory. 

Ultimately if we must lie, cheat, steal, and kill in order to get to the top and keep our people there, so be it.  In the game of self-determination and power-struggles, History and Nature teach us the end always justifies the means. 

14) Think globally, act locally :  In and around the area in which you reside also live the various System Sucks and System Pigs that helped bring this nation to its ruinous nadir. These are the petty politicians, the offshoring business leaders, the false and hypocritical media hacks, the air-headed ivory tower intellectuals, the “snivel rights” cheerleaders, and the potentially pederast priesthood preaching a suicidal and culturally self-destructive interpretation of religion (ironically, a different interpretation of the same religion that was used to found these Western nations). 

The entire rotten lot of them want anything but a nation and society built upon integrity, honor, duty, discipline, and genuine White Western culture and tradition.  Such a right nation has no place and no use for old political whores, rats, cockroaches, parasites, sneaks, and thieves.  Any singular change in the status quo, any slight shift in how things are done means that an entire class of professional moochers is out of work, and they will in turn fight tooth-and-nail to ensure their feed bottle remains firmly in place that their pimping and fleecing continues uninterrupted. 

We must put an end to this corruption when the time presents itself, and we must not show the slightest hesitation in liquidating the entire group of them in the most complete and expedient manner possible, even if they are White.  To this end, focus on taking note of these various brands of vermin residing in your environs and keep tabs on them for the time being, nothing more.  When the timing is right, act on it later.xiii
Having said that, don't worry too much about making a long journey to the traitor collective in Washington, D.C., as travel will be at a premium in times of political meltdown and it will be carefully monitored; that area will be the responsibility and will be covered by White revolutionaries such as yourself who are within commuting distance.  Furthermore, any such predominantly non-White cesspool will “light up” with third-world chaos and violence once things really start rolling, or hopefully some foreign power will oblige us by dropping a tactical nuke on the entire city and converting it into a large glass parking lot.xiv

Regardless, those bastards have raped this nation, and they would show no compunction in loosing the racial and national enemies upon us.  They would gladly do the same to us personally, as they have in the past either through malice, greed, or delusion.  They are hereby collectively guilty, and your job is to ensure they meet a swift, harsh, and final end when the opportunity presents itself.  Don't let them get away with it.


In closing, I urge you to Keep a vision of the future.  The job of the revolutionary is to survive the revolution, not get mixed up in it.  Our job is to keep sight of the society that is yet to come, and to make sure we survive unto that day when we may warmly greet the free dawn.  The coming days will be the greatest struggle of our lives, and we should embrace the struggle after we have properly prepared ourselves to do so.

We must also offer our people a vision of a better future for them and their families, although they will not perceive the need for any change in the status quo in the near future.  In short, we should paint a picture of an expansion of freedom for our people and our future generations once we come through this long night.  At the same time, we must be vigilant against allowing any forthcoming White government or nation to devolve into a White version of communism with just as much bloodshed and internal repression as the Reds proffered when they were in charge of various nations (although it may very well come out like that regardless, as conditions and events dictate).

They might kill the revolutionary, but they can't kill the revolution.  Ensure you live to keep the dream alive, since this will be the greatest – and finest – struggle of our lives.

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Re: How We Will Win


ii Suggested reading: Homeschooling Odyssey by Mathew James.

iii  ← Scroll down and look for the book entitled Salubrious Living. 

iv The highest reviewed speedreading book on is “Breakthrough Rapid Reading” by Peter Kump.  Suggested interactive speedreading training courses are “Reading Genius” or “Eye Q”.

v The Teaching Company ( has over 200 college-level courses from a variety of disciplines available for you to listen to when in the car.  A comparative series is available from “The Modern Scholar” ( … holar.home), and both can be had from your local library for no charge.

vi For various studies into the harmful mental effects of TV, see: … 63712.html … ction.html

vii  From Terrible Tommy's Aryan Update of June 6th, 2006. … 3JUN06.htm

TT says:
    Your talking about VALHALLA and its a myth. A few tips. Stay away from military or government centers. Stay away from large cities unless you are a Lone Wolf on a mission. But not too far to drive in a few hours. Try to be reasonably close to a railroad and an interstate highway, but not too close.
    Try to keep neighbors at least a few blocks away or more. Try to own a modest house with outbuildings. Try to buy property with a year round water source and a well with auxiliary manual pump. When you can afford it put up a wind electric generator. Develop a survival garden. Network with vegetable and meat farmers to eat healthy for a change. Swear off most fast food, it will kill you. Do not drink sugar loaded soda pop.
    A shot of White Lightning or good mash Whiskey will do far less damage.
    Even renting such a housing is usually reasonable if you're not close to cities.
    Get HUD listings and find a fixer-upper that sells for a fraction of the general market price.
    Stay away from even rural areas that are already infested with blacks, Mestizos and again white, sub Negro trash. Most small towns have a demographic count on their web page or google the info.
    However never take their word for it since there may be 50,000 wetbacks around that are not counted.
    Your not home free just moving to a smaller town or out in the country. If you are not a social type person who cannot B.S. with the average white people you may have a problem. Some whites see a White New Yorker or Californian as worse than home grown niggers. Especially south of the Mason Dixon Line. Many are, LOL.
    Above all be a good neighbor but don't try indoctrinating them or others in the area other than letters to the editor. But don't take shit off anyone either. Remember walk softly but carry a 9mm, LOL. Most whites even in small towns just don't get it. If you come on strong they can turn on you real quick.
    Richard Butler's Aryan Nations was a good example. Coming into a strange area with a stockade mentality strutting around in uniforms may make out of town supporters happy but not the locals. Once the city boys go home you are left to deal with your neighbors. Plain old white worker types must simply and quietly move into an area burrowing into the social fabric as good white neighbors. This does not mean you must kiss everybody's ass. Start a small business and be a friend to as many as possible. If you get a local job, keep your mouth shut.
    Ask yourself: in those old WW2 movies, remember the spies that parachuted into strange territory? What was the first thing they did? They buried their chute and anything else that might give them away. Dress in normal clothes, drive normal low cost cars, live in modest homes, etc. Every small town has mom and pop restaurants where all the 'ol boys hang out. Be a regular and soon you will be in the loop. Do not expose the depth of your radical nature but always agree when a locale when they bitch about the government or wetbacks etc.
    If you have a significant amount of money go to the area of interest and stay at least a few weeks checking out the area. Do not invest on the word of a no-good predatory real estate agent. There could be a bunch of middle class Negroes that luvs da Jezuz right down the road and the agent would think that's peachy keen. They will tell you almost anything to sell a property. It doesn't take long to see the good points vs. the bad points. I would go so far as hire a private detective to check out all the new neighbors. You don't want to invest your hard earned money and find out later you are surrounded by meth labs and social Marxists. A few hundred bucks for a couple of weeks investigation could save your life's savings. And, yes, there are such things as white trash. They are getting more numerous as the white race is more dumbed down.
    Sadly the Racial movement itself is filled in many cases with such people that you shouldn't want to stay at your house overnight even in an emergency. When I ran the Klan in California one out of two people who wanted to join were white trash evens below many Negro's. You lay down with dogs you get up with AIDS. If you followed a cross section of people home from these White Power Rally's you would be shocked to see the squalor they live in.
    This is a small piece of information but it covers a lot of ground.

viii Geodesic dome houses and monolithic dome homes are cheaper to build than regular homes, are disaster resistant, can be put together by hand with a minimal of skill and are very energy efficient.  These and other solutions can be found here: … index.html

ix exists as a one-stop shop for all materials to help bring about people to a White point of view.  Don't neglect to use it for that purpose. 

x Toastmasters is strongly recommended for developing this skill.

xi See “Drop the List!”

xii Don't forget to use secured, encrypted communications to share information between cells.  PGP, GPG and the VOIP equivalents are strongly recommended.

xiii The “Juba” sniper ( ) may have injured or killed up to 200 soldiers in guerrilla combat, although recent revisions put this number at 37.  Even so, a 37:1 ration is very good.  Imagine what might be accomplished if those tactics were transposed to the US.

xiv Bonus: Any WN's that can pull that off Earl Turner-style will be commemorated when the resultant crater is named after him. Posthumous folk songs shall assuredly be commissioned as well.

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