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Bill Moyers - The Secret Government, The Constitution in Crisis


The Secret Government - The Constitution in Crisis
Bill Moyers, 1987

126 minutes


After over 40 years in broadcast journalism, Emmy winning PBS host, author and political commentator Bill Moyers retired at the end of April 2010. Moyers hosted NOW and Bill Moyers Journal  for years on PBS, where he introduced the likes of Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly to the masses. In his prior career, he was the assistant to and former Press Secretary for President Lyndon B. Johnson.

One of Moyer's most significant productions was the special program The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis (1987).

This two hour special gave historical precedent to the Iran-Contra scandal and Reagan's secret arming and funding of the Contras in Nicaragua, looking back at past covert, illegal activity by the United States. This includes the CIA and Dulles brothers' handiwork in overthrowing elected governments in Iran and Guatemala; collaborating with Nazi war criminals and American mafia dons, the war in Vietnam, assassination attempts of foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro, propping up murderous dictators, the infamous Gulf of Tonkin resolution, and more.

The clip below features a repentant New York Times reporter Kennett Love, who reported on, and aided in, the coup against Mossadegh in August 1953. Scroll down further for the full video of the 126 minute program.

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Re: Bill Moyers - The Secret Government, The Constitution in Crisis

What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy
The CIA Secret Wars against the Third World

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