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Paul Findley - They Dare to Speak Out

Paul Findley - They Dare to Speak Out


Paul Findley - They Dare to Speak Out.pdf … -Speak-Out


Findley's book is a responsible effort to re-assert the importance of free speech for our national institutions and well-being. Recommended.


Library Journal

In Congress and in the White House, in the Pentagon and in the university he (Findley) finds the pro-Israel forces wielding remarkable power to suppress free debate, compromise national secrets and shape American foreign policy...

ALA Booklist

Findley examines the history of America's lopsided official attitude toward the Middle East, a score of the most egregious examples of AlPAC's behavior, and the effect of all of this on public debate and policy.

Because of his access to highly placed government officials, Findley's book contains a wealth of original statements and observations from William Fulbright, Philip Klutznick, George Ball, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson and many other prominent figures, speaking on the record and off...

The Christian Science Monitor

Paul Findley, the first author to warn against the pervasive influence of Israel's lobby, played a leading role for twenty-two years as a Republican congressman from Illinois. He was the first congressman to urge normalization of relations with China, and he wrote the Famine Prevention legislation that marshals U.S. universities to the challenge of world hunger. Findley makes frequent trips to the Middle East, where he has personal acquaintance with most heads of government, and lectures at universities and foreign policy institutes here and abroad.


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