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Pachelbel and Satie - With Nature s Ocean Sounds

Pachelbel & Satie :
With Nature's Ocean Sounds

Music to transform any room into a place of relaxation and creativity.

All music, of whatever kind, influences our mood, our feelings, our altitudes, and thus our behavior. In ancient times, it was common practice throughout many parts of the world to heal physical disorders through sound vibration. Pythagorean theory suggests that it is possible to purify the mind and body using musical energies.

In the 20th century, we can no longer ignore the effects of every type of sound on human beings (as well as on animals and plants). Music, though, has the ability to maintain or transform consciousness, and thus to facilitate a return to balance in the human body and mind.
It can provide a link to the spiritual world, a world of harmony. Music calms, satisfies and has the power to uplift.

On this compact disc, rich and subtle arrangements in the style of contemporary classical symphonic music reveal the timelessness of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D and Erik Satie's Three Gymnopedies. Both pieces evoke the universal sacred music traditions of the East and West. Here can be heard the harmonies of the inner world expressing the beauty of the transformative journey and the love of life.

To the music of Pachelbel and Satie is added on this special recording the refreshing sounds of ocean surf, gentle lapping waves and seagulls (all recorded in Vancouver, Canada). The sounds of nature combine with the music in a subtle balance that soothes both heart and soul.

Pachelbel and Satie - With Nature s Ocean (100.8 MB)

Artist - Composer : Johann Pachelbel and Erik Satie

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